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VoiceCraft is a token infilling neural codec language model, that achieves state-of-the-art performance on both speech editing and zero-shot text-to-speech (TTS) on in-the-wild data including audiobooks, internet videos, and podcasts.0
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What is VoiceCraft?

VoiceCraft is a cutting-edge neural codec language model designed for speech editing and zero-shot text-to-speech (TTS) tasks. It excels in handling diverse audio data like audiobooks, internet videos, and podcasts. With just a few seconds of reference audio, VoiceCraft can clone or edit an unseen voice. It offers flexibility in deployment, with options to run in Google Colab, as a standalone script, or using Docker. The model has received recent updates, including enhanced TTS models and availability on HuggingFace Spaces, making it more accessible and powerful.

Key Features:

  1. 🎤️ Speech Editing: Modify and enhance spoken content with precision.

  2. 📚 Zero-Shot TTS: Convert text to speech in various voices without explicit training.

  3. 🧩 Flexible Deployment: Use in Colab, as a standalone script, or with Docker for easy integration.

  4. 🌐 Diverse Data Handling: Optimized for a wide range of audio sources like audiobooks and podcasts.

  5. 🚀 Quick Inference: Fast processing for efficient workflow in speech editing and TTS.

Use Cases:

  1. 🎤️ Podcast Production: Edit and enhance podcast episodes for better clarity and engagement.

  2. 📚 Audiobook Creation: Transform written content into engaging audiobooks with natural-sounding voices.

  3. 🎥 Video Dubbing: Replace or edit dialogue in videos with voices that match the original actors.


VoiceCraft stands out as a versatile and efficient tool for speech editing and TTS, suitable for various applications like podcast production, audiobook creation, and video dubbing. Its ability to work with diverse audio data and quick inference makes it a valuable asset for content creators and audio professionals. With ongoing developments and a supportive community, VoiceCraft is set to revolutionize the way we handle and interact with spoken content.

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