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Agent-E is an agent based system that aims to automate actions on the user's computer. At the moment it focuses on automation within the browser. The system is based on on AutoGen agent framework.0
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What is Agent-E?

Agent-E is a pioneering AI system designed to automate your online actions with unprecedented ease and flexibility. This agent-based system leverages the AutoGen framework to offer a natural language interface for browser automation. Beyond its core functionality, Agent-E stands out with its capability to handle diverse tasks, from managing web-based media to personal shopping assistance.

Key Features

  1. Web Automation Wizardry
    Effortlessly fill out forms, search and sort products on e-commerce sites like Amazon, and navigate the depths of the web with precision and speed. Agent-E distills complex tasks into simple, conversational commands.

  2. Customizable Skills Library
    Agent-E’s skills library is organized into sensing and action skills, each carefully designed to tackle specific aspects of web browsing. This modular approach ensures tasks are executed with accuracy and efficiency.

  3. Adaptive Learning and Personalization
    Through user preferences, Agent-E adapts to your needs, storing them in a free-form text file for now. Future updates aim to enhance this with memory and learning capabilities, potentially integrating a local vector database.

  4. DOM Distillation
    For efficient and focused interactions, Agent-E distills the DOM to focus on pertinent elements. This streamlined approach ensures that tasks are completed with minimum fuss and maximum effectiveness.

  5. Rich Interaction Model
    Agent-E’s conversational AI interface ensures that interactions are intuitive and error-tolerant. Skills communicate outcomes in natural language, providing context and clarity for complex tasks.

Use Cases

  1. Simplifying Online Shopping: Effortlessly browse and sort through product listings on Amazon, making your online shopping experience quick and hassle-free.

  2. Personal Project Management: Automate tasks on platforms like JIRA, streamlining your workflow by filtering issues and managing your projects more effectively.

  3. Research and Knowledge Gathering: Gather comprehensive information on any topic, from historical sites to the best local restaurants, streamlining your search and saving you time.


Agent-E is more than just an automation tool; it's a personalized assistant for your digital life. By empowering you with the ability to execute a wide array of tasks through natural language commands, it makes navigating the digital world easier and more efficient. Experience the future of web automation today with Agent-E.

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