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What is AI Detector - Text Validator?

AI Detector is an app that allows users to determine whether a text is AI-generated or human-generated with over 99% accuracy. It offers easy-to-use features such as copy and paste, scanning physical documents, importing PDFs, and even scanning entire websites. This tool is beneficial for content creators who want to ensure authenticity, as well as students and teachers who want to stay ahead of the game in an increasingly AI-driven world.

Key Features:

1. 📝 Text Analysis: Copy and paste the text into the app or scan a physical document using your camera to quickly analyze whether it was generated by AI or a human.

2. 🌐 Website Scanning: Paste a link and scan an entire website to determine the percentage of AI-generated content present.

3. 📚 PDF Import: Import PDF files for lightning-fast analysis of their contents, ensuring they are not predominantly generated by AI.

Use Cases:

1. Content Creators: Ensure that your content is authentic and avoid penalties from social media platforms and search engines by using AI Detector to verify if it's human-generated.

2. Students & Teachers: Stay ahead in education where AI becomes more prevalent by using this tool to check if academic papers or assignments contain excessive amounts of AI-generated content.

3. Researchers & Journalists: Verify the authenticity of articles or research papers before publishing them, ensuring credibility in an era where misinformation can spread easily.


With its industry-leading accuracy rate of over 99%, user-friendly features like text analysis, website scanning, and PDF import capabilities make AI Detector an essential tool for anyone concerned about distinguishing between human- and AI-generated content accurately. By utilizing this app's powerful technology, users can confidently create authentic content while avoiding potential penalties from social media platforms and search engines due to excessive use of automated writing tools like artificial intelligence generators

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