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Easy to use, scalable admin portal for deploying and managing AI Assistants0
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What is Assistants Hub?

Welcome to Assistants Hub, a platform that simplifies the creation, integration, and deployment of AI assistants. Leveraging Next.js, OpenAI, Google, and other AI services, Assistants Hub aims to democratize AI development for developers, hobbyists, and businesses.

Key Features:

⚡ Rapid Development: Easily kickstart AI assistant projects with user-friendly setup and detailed documentation. 

⚙️ Seamless Integration: Enhance assistant functionality by connecting with various APIs and services. 

🌐 Community-Powered: Benefit from a vibrant community dedicated to advancing AI assistant capabilities.

Use Cases:

  1. Blimey! British Slang Assistant: Enhance language understanding and cultural immersion.

  2. Math Whiz Kid Assistant: Simplify complex mathematical calculations and learning.

  3. Customer Support Agent Assistant: Improve customer service interactions and issue resolution.


Assistants Hub offers a user-friendly platform for creating advanced AI assistants efficiently. Join us in revolutionizing AI development and experience the power of streamlined assistant creation. Dive in today to witness how Assistants Hub can elevate your projects and streamline your AI initiatives.

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