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AuraSR is a model derived from the GigaGAN paper. It can upscale low-res images to 4x the resolution, and can be applied repeatedly.0
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What is AuraSR?

Imagine transforming blurry, low-resolution images into stunning, high-definition visuals, all at your fingertips. AuraSR is your gateway to image enhancement perfection. With a robust foundation in GigaGAN technology, this free, open-source tool is not just another upscaler—it's a game-changer for visual clarity. Its unique prowess in enhancing images generated by text-to-image models, combined with its limitless resolution and upscaling factor, sets a new standard in the realm of image enhancement.

Key Features

  1. 4x Resolution Boost: AuraSR can upscale images to four times their original resolution, and it can be applied repeatedly for higher magnifications.

  2. Limitless Scaling: Enjoy the freedom of upsizing your images without any constraints on resolution or the upscaling factor.

  3. Text-to-Image Model Mastery: It specializes in refining images created by AI, ensuring sharp details and true-to-life color reproduction.

  4. User-Friendly Interface: A simple three-step process—upload, enhance, download—makes it accessible to everyone from novices to experts.

  5. Privacy Assured: Your data is handled with utmost care; images are encrypted and deleted post-processing, safeguarding your privacy.

Use Cases

  1. A graphic designer boosts the resolution of an AI-generated concept art for a magazine cover, ensuring print quality.

  2. An amateur photographer improves a low-res vacation photo, transforming it into a wall-worthy piece.

  3. A video game developer upscales a series of textures for a game, enhancing visual fidelity without needing to redraw assets.


AuraSR not only promises exceptional image enhancement capabilities but also embodies the democratization of high-quality visual content creation. With no subscription fees and a strong commitment to user data protection, it stands as a beacon of innovation and accessibility. Embark on your journey to image perfection and experience the AuraSR difference today.

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