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The AI-powered web extension that automates your job applications to land your dream job fast.0
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What is AutoJobs?

AutoJobs, the AI-driven web extension, revolutionizes job hunting by automating applications, enabling you to triple your outreach with the same effort. This innovative tool streamlines the job application process, offering intelligent data extraction and answers to job-specific questions, all while ensuring your privacy and efficiency.

Key Features:

  1. Automatic Applications: Apply to jobs with a single click, saving you hours of repetitive typing and form filling.

  2. Intelligent Answer Generation: AI extracts data from your CV to answer application questions, ensuring your responses are relevant and accurate.

  3. Lifetime Access: Pay once for unlimited use with no recurring fees, granting you perpetual access to all features.

  4. Bulk Application: Submit multiple applications simultaneously to job listings on various platforms.

  5. Platform Compatibility: Works seamlessly on LinkedIn, Indeed, and is in the process of integrating with Glassdoor.

Use Cases:

  1. A recent graduate uses AutoJobs to apply to a multitude of positions, maximizing exposure and opportunities in a competitive job market.

  2. An experienced professional looking to change careers quickly submits tailored applications across different industries using the tool's intelligent data processing.

  3. A busy professional with limited time leverages AutoJobs to apply to jobs on multiple platforms without the need for manual data entry.


AutoJobs offers a practical solution to the tedious task of job application, harnessing the power of AI to make your job search more efficient and effective. With AutoJobs, you can expand your search, save time, and increase your chances of landing your dream job. Celebrate our launch with 50% off lifetime access now!


  1. What's the main advantage of using AutoJobs over manual applications?
    AutoJobs allows you to apply to significantly more jobs in less time, increasing your chances of being noticed by potential employers and broadening your opportunities.

  2. How does AutoJobs ensure the accuracy of the application information?
    AutoJobs uses advanced AI to read and understand the information from your profile and CV, automatically filling out application forms with the highest level of accuracy possible, making your job applications efficient and effective.

  3. How does AutoJobs protect users from spam flags when applying to jobs automatically?
    AutoJobs incorporates random delays in application submissions to mimic human behavior, effectively preventing job platforms from flagging the applications as spam. This ensures your applications are not only safe but also successful in reaching potential employers.

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