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What is, a pioneering AI-driven platform, simplifies video creation for digital content creators by automating the production of faceless videos. Perfect for those seeking unique, niche-specific content without the hassle of manual editing, this service offers the option to customize scripts, choose topics, and even adjust video lengths. With automated posting capabilities to platforms like YouTube and TikTok (soon), is your shortcut to creating high-quality, engaging videos without ever showing your face.

Key Features:

  1. Topic Customization: Pick from a wide range of topics or create your own, and the AI starts crafting your video series immediately.

  2. Automated Video Creation: The AI ensures each video is distinct, using generative technology to avoid repetition, keeping your content fresh and engaging.

  3. Preview & Editing: Before auto-posting, preview your videos and make adjustments to the script, title, and background music.

  4. Series Management: Organize, delete, or review all your faceless video series from a single dashboard for streamlined content management.

  5. Multiple Social Media Support: Post directly to TikTok and YouTube, with plans for more platforms, making distribution across multiple channels seamless.

Use Cases:

  1. A history enthusiast launching a YouTube channel about lesser-known historical facts without appearing on camera.

  2. A marketing agency creating daily niche videos for clients in various industries without the need for face-to-face interactions.

  3. An educational content creator aiming to provide daily interesting science facts on TikTok, attracting a young audience with engaging, faceless videos.

Conclusion: revolutionizes content creation by empowering creators to focus on the story rather than the delivery. With its suite of features, from automated video creation to editing flexibility, and support for multiple social media platforms, this AI tool is a game-changer. Try the free plan today to experience the convenience and innovation that brings to video production.


  1. Q: How can I make sure my videos are unique?
    A: utilizes generative AI to ensure that each video created for your series is unique. Unlike other services, we don't reuse videos, ensuring your content stands out.

  2. Q: Can I edit the script of my videos?
    A: Yes, you can edit the script, title, and background music of your videos before they are scheduled to post, giving you control over the final product.

  3. Q: How does the custom prompt feature work?
    A: Custom prompts guide the AI in creating videos tailored to your specifications. Each video follows your prompt but avoids duplicating content from past videos in the series, ensuring variety and uniqueness. If you're familiar with ChatGPT, think of it as giving the AI specific instructions to write a script that aligns with your topic.

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