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What is Base64? is an AI-powered tool that allows users to extract OCR text, data, handwriting, photos, and signatures from various types of documents. It is widely used by leading companies, RPA systems, and scanners for document processing. With over 400 no-code integrations, offers a comprehensive solution for all document types. It is fast, secure, and accurate, with a 99% extraction accuracy rate. The tool also includes features such as PII redaction and a Document Reviewer Team for data extraction verification. is trusted by industry leaders and offers extensive support and resources for users.

Key Features:

1. All-in-One Solution: is capable of processing all types of documents, including IDs, passports, invoices, checks, and forms. It offers a comprehensive solution for document processing needs.

2. Integrated and Extensible: The tool provides over 400 no-code integrations to third-party systems, allowing for easy integration within an hour. Users can also add new document types, integrations, and business rules to customize the tool according to their specific needs.

3. Fast and Secure: offers fast processing times, with OCR, data extraction, and integration taking under 3 seconds for most document types. It is also certified for ISO, HIPAA, SOC 2 Type 1 & 2, and GDPR, ensuring data security and compliance.

Use Cases:

- Banking and Finance: can be utilized by banks and financial institutions to process various documents, such as IDs, driver licenses, and invoices. It enables efficient data extraction and improves document workflow efficiency.

- Healthcare: The tool is suitable for healthcare organizations to extract data from medical records, insurance forms, and patient IDs. It ensures accurate and secure processing of sensitive information while complying with HIPAA regulations.

- Retail and E-commerce: can assist retail and e-commerce businesses in automating document processing tasks, such as extracting data from receipts, invoices, and customer IDs. This streamlines operations and enhances customer service.

Conclusion: is a powerful AI tool that simplifies document processing by extracting OCR text, data, handwriting, photos, and signatures from various document types. With its extensive features, including integration capabilities, fast processing times, and high accuracy, it is trusted by industry leaders. The tool finds applications in various industries, such as banking, healthcare, and retail, offering practical solutions for document workflow efficiency. is committed to bringing AI automation to all industries and provides comprehensive support and resources for users.

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