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Transform any website content into bilingual text with a single click, using AI.Make reading in other languages easy.0
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What is BiRead?

BiRead is a versatile AI-powered browser plugin designed to transform any website content into bilingual text instantly. This tool supports over 100 languages, making it easier for users to read, understand, and learn from content in different languages. With features like contextual translations, language learning modes, and a user-friendly interface, BiRead offers a seamless bilingual reading experience, perfect for both casual readers and language learners.

Key Features:

  1. 📜 Instant Bilingual Conversion: Turn any website content into bilingual text with just one click.

  2. 🌐 Supports 100+ Languages: Access translations in over 100 languages, powered by advanced AI.

  3. 📚 Language Learning Mode: Highlight translations in your native language to aid language learning.

  4. 🖥 Browser Integration: Easily add to Chrome and access translations directly from the sidebar or right-click menu.

  5. 📄 Contextual Translations: Preserve the original context for better understanding with AI-powered accuracy.

Use Cases:

  1. Translate Social Media Posts: Effortlessly browse and translate social media content in any language.

  2. Read Articles Easily: Read articles in both your mother tongue and the target language simultaneously, without switching between tabs.

  3. Engage in Multilingual Conversations: Communicate more effectively by overcoming language barriers.


BiRead offers a powerful solution for overcoming language barriers, providing instant and accurate translations that preserve the original context. Whether you're a casual reader, a language learner, or someone who frequently engages in multilingual communication, BiRead enhances your online reading experience. Try BiRead today for free, and unlock access to global information effortlessly. Install now to experience seamless bilingual reading!

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