Enhancing Video Production: The Top 8 AI Video Editing Software in Review

Written by Jessica - April 04, 2024

Video editing is a multifaceted challenge, requiring not just the right tools but also time and skill to produce content that captivates. In today's fast-paced digital environment where content is king, AI video editing software steps into streamline the process and empowers creators, regardless of their experience level, to produce professional-grade videos efficiently. The market for AI-powered video editing tools is burgeoning, and it's projected to hit the milestone of $1.03 billion by 2032, underscoring the vital role these tools play in the world of content creation.

In this article, we delve into a curated list of the top 8 AI video editing software solutions, each thoroughly evaluated to include its benefits, limitations, standout features, and pricing structure to guide you in making the best choice for your video editing needs.

Top 8 Pioneering AI Video Editing Software

1. Descript: An Editor's Dream for Precision and Affordability

Descript, which initially entered the scene as a podcast editing tool, has now evolved into a robust video editing platform that integrates artificial intelligence seamlessly. Packed with features like automatic filler word removal, green screen capabilities, and the innovative Overdub function, Descript enables users to correct audio mistakes using AI-powered text-to-speech. Its most prominent feature is the automatic transcription of videos with an impressive 95% accuracy rate, making video editing as intuitive as editing a text document – a significant boon for those new to video editing.

Enhancing Video Production: The Top 8 AI Video Editing Software in Review


  • Free plan with full AI feature access.

  • High transcription accuracy.

  • User-friendly with a suite of AI editing tools.


  • No mobile app; desktop only.

  • The free plan limits video processing and transcription to one hour per month.

Pricing:Starts with a free plan; paid plans begin at $12 per month.

2. Synthesia: Bringing AI Avatars to Life

For creators looking to bypass the hefty costs of actors and production teams, Synthesia offers a novel solution – AI avatars. With a diverse range of over 100 pre-installed avatars embodying various races, ages, and body types, Synthesia empowers users to craft videos with AI narrators or talking heads, breathing life into short clips for platforms like TikTok and YouTube. Offering professional templates and integration with apps such as Shopify and WordPress, Synthesia appeals to novices and veterans alike.

Enhancing Video Production: The Top 8 AI Video Editing Software in Review


  • Beginner-friendly interface.

  • Multitude of voiceover languages.

  • Hassle-free video production without lighting or noise concerns.


  • Some AI voices may sound less natural.

  • Base plan limits video length to ten minutes.

Pricing:Starts at $30 per month.

3. Raw Shorts: Animation Mastery with Text-to-Video AI

Raw Shorts stands out with its text-to-video feature, converting text into vivid animations without the need to film any content. This AI video editor offers a treasury of templates adaptable to various social media platforms, changing aspect ratios and resizing videos to ensure maximum engagement.

Enhancing Video Production: The Top 8 AI Video Editing Software in Review


  • Vast template selection for video styles.

  • Text-to-video AI for effects and transitions.

  • Ideal for bite-sized social media content.


  • Lack of customer support and autosave feature.

  • The free trial offers limited functionality.

Pricing:Free trial available; paid plans from $20 per month with annual billing.

4. Flexclip: Streamlined Editing for Quick Projects

Flexclip is tailored for creators seeking simplicity and effectiveness in their video projects. Its auto-subtitle capability spans over 140 languages, and the addition of an AI-powered video script generator, leveraging ChatGPT's natural language processing, saves precious scripting time for users.

Enhancing Video Production: The Top 8 AI Video Editing Software in Review


  • Ease of use.

  • Free version available.

  • Extensive video template library.


  • Long upload and edit times for existing content.

  • The free version has lower export quality.

Pricing:Free version and paid plans from $9.99 per month.

5. Elai: Multilingual Long-Form Video Creation

Elai sets itself apart by focusing on creating lengthy videos in various languages. With options for cloning in 28 languages and more than 450 AI voices, Elai caters to a global audience, offering auto-captions and automatic translation to enhance accessibility.

Enhancing Video Production: The Top 8 AI Video Editing Software in Review


  • Cost-effective video creation.

  • Wide range of subtitling and voice cloning options.


  • No instructional resources provided.

  • Limited avatar selection.

Pricing:Plans start at $29 per month.

6. Wisecut: Dynamic Reframing with AI-Powered Editing

Wisecut introduces enchanting features such as auto-cut and punch-in, punch-out, employing AI face recognition to lend more dynamics to talking head videos. It streamlines the editing process by automatically removing extended pauses.

Enhancing Video Production: The Top 8 AI Video Editing Software in Review


  • Auto-processing features for a smoother workflow.


  • Rendering and export times are reliant on internet speed.

  • Supports up to 1080p resolution.

Pricing:Free plan available; paid plans from $10 per month.

7. KeyFrames Studio: AI Motion Tracking for Social Media Impact

KeyFrames Studio leverages AI to focus on motion-tracking, perfecting the most vital aspects of your videos for social media consumption, and allows simultaneous recording of screen, webcam, and voice, perfect for tutorial videos.

Enhancing Video Production: The Top 8 AI Video Editing Software in Review


  • Direct social media posting capability.

  • Innovative motion-tracking AI.


  • Web-based, rendering and upload/download times can be lengthy.

  • Focus is on social media-style content over conventional videos.

Pricing:Plans from $9 per month.

8. Pictory.ai: All-in-One Video Editing with Highlight Features

Pictory.ai offers comprehensive video editing that includes templates, AI voiceover, and an automatic highlight feature perfect for truncating longer videos for YouTube shorts or Instagram stories.

Enhancing Video Production: The Top 8 AI Video Editing Software in Review


  • Automatic key point highlighting.

  • User-friendly and social media-oriented.


  • Limited editing control.

  • Templates may lead to a lack of originality.

Pricing:Free trial available; paid plans from $19 per month.

With these AI video editing software options, produce compelling and professional videos with speed and precision that resonates with audiences.

AI Video Editor FAQ

  1. What is an AI video editor?
    An AI video editor uses various AI functions like green screen, noise reduction, and more to streamline the video creation and editing process.

  2. Is there an AI that can edit videos?
    Yes, there are numerous video editors such as Descript, Synthesia, and Wisecut equipped with AI capabilities.

  3. Which is the best AI video generator?
    Synthesia and Elai are among the top AI video generators with synthetic AI avatars for video messaging.

  4. Are there any free AI video editors?
    Descript offers a free plan with powerful AI editing tools, allowing the editing of up to 10 minutes of video.

  5. How do AI video editors improve the editing process?
    AI video editors significantly reduce the time and effort required for editing by automating tedious tasks and providing intuitive features for enhanced video production.

By equipping yourself with an AI video editor from our curated list, you can elevate your video content and thrive in today's competitive digital arena.

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