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Written by How to Work AI - February 02, 2024

Are you ready for the mother of all AI video generation tools? Pika.Art is here to revolutionize the concept of AI video generation with its unparalleled quality! And guess what? It even offers 300 free credits to help you master the art. With its diverse set of options, such as tech to video, image to video, and video to video, Pika.Art is truly a game-changer.

But how do you use it? Let me break it down for you. To begin, simply visit Pika's official website and sign up using your Google mail or Discord account. Join the waitlist, as this version is accessible via both Discord and the web. The wait time for access may vary, but once you have it, log into your account and enter the world of endless imagination.

Exploring the Tools and Features

The main page of Pika.Art welcomes you with the explore section, where you can discover various sample videos with their creation settings. You can even enter your prompts to modify these samples or create entirely new videos. And if you're proud of your creations, head to the my library section, where you can showcase them. You can even switch the layout from list view to block layout for your convenience.

At the bottom of the page, there's a prompt box where you can input your ideas. Learning through examples is a great idea here. Just enter a simple prompt and hit generate to see the magic unfold. Keep in mind that video rendering takes some time, so be patient as you generate more and more animations.

Adjusting the Settings

But let's not forget about the settings! Pika.Art allows you to adjust the aspect ratio according to your device and the frames per second to make your videos smoother. The default value for frames per second is 24, but feel free to explore other options that suit your needs.

Additionally, Pika.Art gives you camera controls to make customizable animations. You can choose multiple options at a time to create the perfect video. And if you want to take charge of camera movements and modify motion intensity, the motion control section has got you covered.

Under the parameters tab, you can input a negative prompt to specify what you don't want to include in your video results. The seed number ensures consistency in your creations, which is visible in the video's name upon download. Think of it as the guidance scale used in the beta version, influencing your video generation process to align with your text prompts. You can even experiment with different combinations of settings to find the ideal values for your desired video.

Improving the Quality and Duration

Now, let's talk about improving the quality and duration of your videos. If you want to convert your videos from landscape to portrait mode, Pika.Art has got you covered. Just hit the tiny icon and open the video to make the necessary adjustments. And if you're not satisfied with the result, hit the retry button for another variation. You can even request two to three more copies for further experimentation.

Pika.Art also introduces the option to reprompt, allowing you to modify the details of your video for improved results. And for longer and upscaled videos, the add a 4-second button can increase the length to 7 seconds, while the upscale function improves the overall quality.

AI-Powered Aspect Ratio Manipulation and Generative Fill Editing

Pika.Art takes it even further with AI-powered aspect ratio manipulation. It recognizes the diverse needs of social media platforms and enables the expansion of video canvases to fit various formats seamlessly. No more worrying about cropping or distorting your videos!

But that's not all. Pika.Art also introduces a generative fill editing tool, allowing you to replace individual scene elements via prompts. So, if you want to add some creativity or personal touch to your videos, this feature will definitely come in handy.

Unleashing Captivating Animation Style Videos

Now, let's dive into the mesmerizing world of animation style videos. Pika.Art offers image to video conversions that yield far superior results compared to text to video. Just select your image, tweak the options and parameters, and hit generate. You'll notice a clear difference in the stability and motion quality of the AI animation videos.

Still not convinced? Take a look at this cute raccoon animation. By changing the camera controls and animation strength, you can enhance the result even further. Trust me, the outcome is truly fantastic. And with the availability of Village Top, you can mix different camera movements, starting with rotation and then zooming out. The possibilities are endless, and each generated result is far more enhanced than the beta version.

Transforming Videos with Video to Video

If you thought Pika.Art couldn't get any better, think again. This groundbreaking tool also offers video to video conversion. Simply upload your video and choose the settings according to your preferences. While the camera controls won't work here, you can still choose other settings and hit generate!

But don't stop there. For more context or specific results, write a text prompt and even a negative prompt. Need the video to fit a particular platform's aspect ratio? Pika.Art has your back. You can customize the aspect ratio according to your needs. Trust me, both the reference video movement pattern and your own prompts will be followed perfectly.

And if you're satisfied with the results, you can either increase the length of the videos or go for the upscale options to make them even more worthwhile. The final results are smooth, articulate, and truly impressive. Creating animation clips for your projects has never been easier.


Pika.Art is truly the ultimate guide to AI video generation. With its unparalleled quality, diverse options, and user-friendly interface, it has outshined Runway ML and other competitors. Whether you're a technical expert or a general reader, Pika.Art provides endless possibilities to unleash your creativity and transform your videos into captivating masterpieces.


  • Q: How do I access Pika.Art?

  • A: To access Pika.Art, simply visit the official website, sign up using your Google mail or Discord account, and join the waitlist. The access email may take a few days to arrive.

  • Q: Is Pika.Art free to use?

  • A: Yes, Pika.Art offers 300 free credits for you to master the art of AI video generation. So, go ahead and explore its features without any worries.

  • Q: Can I convert landscape videos to portrait mode with Pika.Art?

  • A: Absolutely! Pika.Art allows you to convert your videos from landscape to portrait mode. Simply open the video, make the necessary adjustments, and enjoy your beautifully transformed creation.

  • Q: How can I improve the quality of my videos with Pika.Art?

  • A: Pika.Art offers various options to improve the quality of your videos. You can hit the retry button for different variations, request additional copies, or even utilize the upscale function to enhance the overall results. The possibilities for improvement are endless.

  • Q: Can I create animation-style videos with Pika.Art?

  • A: Absolutely! Pika.Art allows you to create mesmerizing animation-style videos. By using image to video conversions and tweaking the options and parameters, you can achieve far superior results compared to text to video. Let your creativity shine!

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