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What is Runway?

Runway is a modern and intuitive finance platform that makes business planning enjoyable and accessible for everyone on the team. It offers automation of actuals from various business tools, joyful modeling experience, and exclusive plans that explain why numbers change. Runway also allows for scenario comparison, AI copilot, and beautiful and interactive reports that can be customized and shared with stakeholders.

Key Features:

1. Automation of actuals from various business tools, eliminating the need for manual copy and pasting.

2. Joyful modeling experience with human-readable formulas that simplify scaling and tracing values.

3. Exclusive plans that capture important business context and allow for easy play with assumptions, headcount, and timing.

4. Scenario comparison that enables quick comparison of different plans and outcomes to make informed decisions.

5. AI copilot that generates effective plans based on the model and live data from connected business apps.

6. Beautiful and interactive reports that can be customized with live charts, tables, and text, and shared with stakeholders.

Use Cases:

1. Founders can use Runway to raise capital from investors by sharing context around their numbers with detailed and beautiful reports.

2. Businesses can plan for a new product launch and deeply understand the impact of any plan by playing with timing and coordinating everyone on the team.

3. Finance teams can forecast revenue, expenses, and burn accurately with human-readable formulas and over a hundred integrations.

4. Businesses can eliminate busywork and level up their financial planning process with powerful automation and joyful modeling experience.

5. Stakeholders can analyze different scenarios and possible outcomes to make enlightened decisions faster.

Runway is a finance platform designed for humans, with an intuitive and responsive user experience that helps everyone understand how to make an impact. It is supported by investors and founders who admire its features and is available for early access. With Runway, businesses can model, plan, and align their operations, making it a better way to manage finances.

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