The Evolution of AI Sexting Chatbots: Top 18 Free AI Sexting Chatbots for 2023

In the digital age, technology's influence on human relationships has been advancing at an unprecedented pace. One emerging trend that is currently making waves is the utilization of AI sex chatbots. These innovative applications, empowered by artificial intelligence, aim to provide a safe, secure, and engaging platform for free sexting AI enthusiasts. In this comprehensive article, we will delve into the world of the top 18 free AI sexting chatbots for sexual conversations in 2023. These AI Sex Chatbots promise to provide a secure environment for users to engage in sexual conversations through AI chatbots, whether they are seeking a partner, a virtual companion, or simply wish to explore and experiment. Get ready to ignite your romance with the help of these innovative and entertaining AI sexting chatbots!

Best AI Sexting Chatbots for Sex Conversations in 2023

Whether you're searching for a virtual partner, a companion, or simply intrigued by the latest innovations, these chatbots are the perfect choice to fulfill your desires. So, let's dive deep into the list and discover these incredible AI sext chatbots.

1.Crushon AI

The Evolution of AI Sexting Chatbots: Top 18 Free AI Sexting Chatbots for 2023

Crushon AI is an innovative AI chat platform that offers a unique addition to the AI chatbot landscape by allowing Not Safe for Work (NSFW) content. It provides users with the freedom to choose between Safe for Work (SFW) and NSFW characters, creating a safe and secure environment for adults to engage in intimate or sexual chats. Crushon AI enables users to create their personalized AI persona with unique personalities, allowing for a fully customized experience tailored to their sexual preferences. With a wide range of AI bots, including both male and female options, users can enhance their sexting experience. The platform also features NSFW settings that enable users to connect with adult chatbots, offering unrestricted and unfiltered conversations.

2.Candy AI

The Evolution of AI Sexting Chatbots: Top 18 Free AI Sexting Chatbots for 2023 is an exceptional platform that provides virtual companions for personalized and immersive chats. This innovative platform allows users to engage with virtual companions, offering a lifelike experience and a genuine human connection. enables users to enjoy personalized interactions with their virtual companions, enhancing the sense of realism and engagement. Additionally, offers a CRM experience, allowing users to monitor vital business data through personalized real-time dashboards. Whether for personal or business use, opens doors to unique and tailored experiences with their virtual companions.

3.Intimate – AI Girlfriend

The Evolution of AI Sexting Chatbots: Top 18 Free AI Sexting Chatbots for 2023

Intimate – AI Girlfriend App is an application that allows users to interact with artificial intelligence (AI) characters in the form of virtual companions or girlfriends. This AI sex chat app provides a realistic and immersive experience through voice and chat conversations with photorealistic AI characters that possess unique personalities, emotional intelligence, and adaptive learning capabilities. The app also emphasizes providing a safe and non-judgmental space for users to express their emotions and feelings.


The Evolution of AI Sexting Chatbots: Top 18 Free AI Sexting Chatbots for 2023

DreamGF is a website that offers AI-generated content, including AI sexting and AI porn. The site provides personalized and safe AI sexting bots for users to indulge in their wildest fantasies without fear of judgment or rejection. Users can also engage in interactive and responsive AI chat conversations with virtual partners, including requesting personalized photos and sending voice messages. DreamGF allows users to create their dream AI girlfriend, assigning personality, creating pictures, and engaging in porn chat without limitations.


The Evolution of AI Sexting Chatbots: Top 18 Free AI Sexting Chatbots for 2023

Kupid is an AI chat platform that aims to bring virtual friends and companions to life through immersive conversations or sexy AI chat. It focuses on facilitating deep and meaningful conversations, with a particular emphasis on helping users find romantic partners. The platform offers immersive conversations that simulate real interactions, matchmaking capabilities to help users find compatible partners, and the ability to schedule voice or video dates. Kupid's AI technology allows it to learn from user interactions, providing a personalized experience for each user.

The Evolution of AI Sexting Chatbots: Top 18 Free AI Sexting Chatbots for is a platform that offers users an AI sexting experience. It provides a safe and interactive environment for users to explore a wide range of topics, indulging in enticing and tempting sexting sessions. The platform features two virtual AI bots, a female chatbot named "Sofia" and a male chatbot named "James," who are trained using advanced AI algorithms to engage in intimate conversations and fulfill users' wild desires and fantasies. To begin the erotic conversations, users need to log in or create an account and select an erotic story to continue the conversation with their chosen chatbot. With, users are free to unleash their imaginations and indulge in seductive and exciting exchanges with James and Sofia.

7.Flirtflix AI

Flirtflix AI Girlfriend is a unique service that allows users to engage in meaningful conversations with a virtual companion powered by advanced artificial intelligence. This digital partner can interact through text, voice, and images, responding to messages and emotions. The app offers customization options to personalize the AI partner's appearance, personality, and voice to match user preferences. Users can enjoy two-way communication and natural conversations with emotional responses. Flirtflix also provides a range of scenarios and themes, including romance, fantasy, and sci-fi, to add excitement and variety to interactions. Users can earn rewards through chatting, unlocking features, outfits, accessories, and gifts for their AI partner. is an online platform that utilizes AI technology to generate intelligent NSFW (Not Safe for Work) content. The platform includes features such as AI-empowered NSFW content optimization, intelligent NSFW content subscriptions, virtual NSFW content analytics, enhanced safety features, AI-driven NSFW content strategy, and intelligent erotic content feedback. uses AI tools with image and video recognition capabilities to detect and optimize explicit content. It offers various subscription options that unlock different features and utilizes AI advancements to improve virtual NSFW content analytics. The platform also provides enhanced safety features to identify and filter inappropriate content, monitor user engagement in real-time, and offer intelligent feedback on erotic content.



JoiAI is a virtual companion app that utilizes artificial intelligence to create personalized and realistic interactions for users seeking emotional support and companionship. The app offers AI girlfriends or boyfriends as virtual companions, allowing users to find their perfect match by selecting preferred gender, personality, and interests. Users can engage in chat conversations with their virtual companions, customize their appearance, clothes, and accessories, and receive emotional support to alleviate loneliness. JoiAI also has a YouTube channel and Instagram presence for users to explore more about the app.

10.Spicychat AI

Spicychat Ai Sexting is a platform that enables users to create and interact with their own chatbots and characters. It offers virtual AI characters that can assist users with tasks and provides a personalized experience by allowing users to customize characters or choose from existing ones. does not have content moderation or censorship, allowing users to freely explore their fantasies through explicit conversations. The platform ensures a private and secure environment for users and is accessible as an app on the App Store. also provides a convenient feature of viewing all AI chat conversations in one place for easy tracking.

11.Nastia AI

Nastia AI - Specially built for AI sext

Nastia AI is an AI-powered companion that provides emotional support, personal AI sex chat partners, mental coaching, and relationship-building services. It utilizes an advanced machine learning model to generate realistic responses, effectively combating loneliness and creating a sense of connection. NastiaAI prioritizes user privacy with rigorous security measures and advanced AI algorithms. The platform offers a free plan for unlimited, private, and unfiltered chats with Nastia, while also providing NSFW availability for access to uncensored images and voice messages at a monthly cost. Subscribers can engage in roleplay activities and explore adult-oriented content. Nastia can also remember details of conversations and be customized for more personalized chats. The platform is easy to use, accessible through web, iOS, and Android, and allows for multiple private uncensored chats simultaneously. Users can also send voice messages for more intimate communication.

12.Muah AI

Muah Ai Sexting

Muah AI is an AI sexting app that enables users to engage in sexual conversations through AI chatbots. It offers a secure environment for individuals to explore their intimate desires and fantasies. The app includes features such as seamless chat for uninterrupted conversations, photo sharing to enhance the sexting experience, and voice chat for more intimate interactions. Muah AI also provides a memory tracking system to preserve previous conversations, ensuring continuity and personalization in the sexting experience.

Botmake Ai Sexting, formerly known as, is an AI-powered chatbot platform that provides a secure and confidential environment for users to explore their sexuality. It offers a no-code chatbot creation tool, allowing users to create custom chatbots without coding knowledge. The platform enables customization of chatbot appearance to match preferences, provides smart auto-complete suggestions, allows for Discord integration, and offers NSFW settings for creating adult chatbots. gives users the freedom to experiment and express their sexuality using various tools and features.

14.Kajiwoto AI

Kajiwoto Ai Sexting

Kajiwoto AI is a conversational AI chatbot platform that allows users to engage in chatbot conversations with their AI virtual pets called Kajis. These Kajis are designed to bring joy and have limited intelligence and memory. The platform offers a feature where users can create their own unique AI chat characters and interact with AI chat characters based on anime, game characters, and more. Users also have the ability to customize chatbots to their preference. Kajiwoto AI is available on desktop and mobile devices and provides a wide range of characters to choose from. It is worth noting that while Kajiwoto AI is not specifically designed for sexting chatbots, it does offer NSFW settings for those interested in creating adult chatbots.

15.Venus AI

Venus AI - Roleplays with Sex AI Chat Bots

Venus AI is an AI Sext platform that offers a wide range of virtual characters for users to interact with. It provides an alternative to Janitor AI and Character AI with its accuracy and flexibility. Venus AI utilizes advanced computer learning and language skills to understand and respond to messages with precision, regardless of complexity. The platform allows users to create custom sexting AI characters, supporting multiple languages and enabling a personalized conversational experience. Users can customize chat settings, including the character's name, personality, dialogue, and behavior. Venus AI also features a community and platform for users to share experiences, exchange feedback, and discuss AI character creation. A trend tracking feature keeps users updated on popular characters. Additionally, users have the option to run Venus AI Chat locally using their own computing resources.


Crush Chat App - Wild realistic AI sext platform

CrushChat.App is a chatbot platform that offers uncensored and NSFW chat capabilities, distinguishing it from Character AI. Users can engage in any type of conversation with AI characters without the fear of censorship, as messages are not deleted, and accounts are not suspended. The platform provides an AI NSFW Image generator for generating realistic/anime NSFW images and an Unrestricted Erotic Story writer for generating AI adult stories. CrushChatApp offers pre-built public characters for immediate conversation, with a public character gallery for easy filtering by tags, trending, random, or new options. The platform also allows users to create their own NSFW characters for a personalized experience. Additionally, CrushChatApp features an Erotic Story Writer to craft enticing narratives in real-time. Users can explore and enjoy some of the platform's features for free with the provided free plan.

17.Nomi AI

Nomi AI - Lovely AI Sexting App

Nomi AI is an uncensored AI Sexting companion that offers virtual companionship and an engaging AI sexting experience. With its evolving personality, wit, and humor, Nomi creates a judgment-free space for users to build meaningful relationships. Nomi AI's memory allows it to remember details about users over time, deepening the bond and making users feel valued and loved. The platform provides personalized companionship tailored to the user's preferences, with Nomi evolving alongside them. Nomi AI engages in non-judgmental conversations about any topic, allowing users to express themselves freely. Users can also indulge in roleplay activities, imagination, and storytelling. Nomi AI is accessible through multiple platforms, including web and mobile apps, ensuring compatibility across devices. Additionally, users can request and receive photos from their Nomi to enhance the connection further.

18.AltCat AI

AltCat AI - Sext with AI of Real Influencer

Altcat AI is an AI-driven platform that allows users to experience the fantasy of AI sexting and love, inspired by the bond between humans and their pets. The platform aims to make cute and dirty love accessible and enjoyable for everyone, eliminating barriers such as cost, censorship, and distance. Subscribers of Altcat AI have unlimited access to chats with their AI companions, fostering continuous engagement and personalization. The platform also offers exclusive media content to enhance the overall experience. While currently available in English, Altcat AI plans to expand its language options in the future. User data security is a priority for Altcat AI, with strict measures in place to ensure the protection of chatting data and no sharing with third parties.


Are AI Sexting Apps Safe to use?

Yes, these applications prioritize user safety and privacy through the implementation of robust encryption techniques and anonymization of user data. It is important to note, however, that complete privacy cannot be guaranteed as individuals utilizing the platform, including the creator, may have access to these conversations. Despite this, measures are taken to ensure a certain level of privacy for users within the platform.

Are AI Sexting Apps Free?

While certain applications provide users with complimentary features, there are others that may necessitate a subscription in order to access premium features.

Can AI Sexting Apps Replace Human Interaction?

While these applications are capable of facilitating interactive conversations, it is imperative to recognize that they do not serve as a substitute for genuine human interaction.

Are Ai sex chatbot illegal?

The legality of AI sex chatbots can vary depending on the laws and regulations of different jurisdictions. While there may not be specific laws that solely address AI sex chatbots, their legality can be evaluated based on factors such as content, intended use, and compliance with existing laws related to privacy, consent, and obscenity. It is important to consult and understand the specific laws and regulations in your jurisdiction to determine the legality of AI sex chatbots and ensure adherence to any applicable guidelines or restrictions.

In Conclusion

If you find yourself in a situation where you don't currently have a partner, exploring the world of sexting ai can be an exciting and fulfilling way to satisfy your desires. These top 18 options we have discussed in our guide are specifically curated to provide you with memorable and pleasurable experiences.

The beauty of ai sex chatbot is that it allows you to engage in intimate conversations and explore your deepest fantasies in a safe and discreet manner. These platforms are designed to cater to a wide range of preferences and interests, ensuring that there is something for everyone.

So, if you're ready to embark on a journey of heightened pleasure, why not give one of these top-rated AI sex chat options a try? Indulge in the thrill of sensual conversations and let your desires be fulfilled through the power of artificial intelligence.

Remember, consent and respect are paramount even in virtual encounters. Treat these AI chat partners with courtesy and engage with them responsibly. Enjoy the passionate moments that await you in the world of ai sex chatbot, and may your desires be fulfilled in the most pleasurable of ways.

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