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The Python boilerplate with everything necessary to build and monetize your own AI Telegram bot. This plug-and-play solution is easy to customize, letting you effortlessly tailor it to your specific needs.0
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What is Botfast?

BotFast is a Python boilerplate designed to streamline the process of building and monetizing AI Telegram bots. This plug-and-play solution offers ease of customization, allowing users to effortlessly tailor their bots to specific needs. With BotFast, the focus is on rapid deployment and flexibility, enabling users to save time and effort in creating AI-powered bots for various applications.

Key Features

  1. 🚀 Rapid Deployment: Ship your bot in minutes, not hours.

  2. 🧩 Customization: Easy to tailor to your specific needs.

  3. 💡 Multimodal Interaction: Supports voice notes, images, and text.

  4. 💰 Monetization Ready: Integrated Telegram bot payments.

  5. 🧠 AI Agent Variety: Choose from 50 predefined AI agents for diverse applications.

Use Cases

  1. AI Therapist Bot: Provide therapeutic conversations and support.

    • “Empathetic and responsive, the AI Therapist Bot offers a comforting digital presence for users seeking guidance.”

  2. AI Assistant for Startups: Help entrepreneurs with tasks and information.

    • “The AI Assistant Bot streamlines operations, offering a virtual helping hand to busy startup founders.”

  3. Community-Specific Bots: Create bots tailored to specific group needs.

    • “Custom AI agents adapt to community dynamics, enhancing engagement and interaction within groups.”

Technical Details

  • Python Boilerplate: A solid foundation for bot development.

  • Model Flexibility: Seamlessly switch between various AI models, including GPT-4o.

  • Containerization: Easy deployment on any platform.

  • No-Coding Skills Required: Configure AI agents and subscriptions through a yaml file.

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