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What is Changeez?

Changeez is an AI-powered tool that ensures you never miss any updates on websites by allowing you to set up customizable alerts. With features like trigger selection, frequency options, and zone selectors, it simplifies the process of monitoring specific web content in real-time.

Key Features:

  1. 🎯 Custom Triggers: Choose from various trigger options like page setup or specific element selection, including text and zone selectors, ensuring you're alerted to the updates that matter most.

  2. 🔄 Flexible Frequency: Tailor alerts to your needs with options ranging from every 5 minutes to monthly updates, providing timely notifications based on your preferences.

  3. 🤖 AI Assistance: Utilize AI-powered capabilities for automatic suggestions on what to track, smart summaries of website changes, and personalized alerts tailored to your requirements.

Use Cases:

  1. Stay Updated on Product Availability: Receive alerts when a desired item is back in stock on e-commerce websites, ensuring you never miss an opportunity to make a purchase.

  2. Monitor News Updates: Keep track of specific news topics by setting up alerts for relevant keywords, allowing you to stay informed without constantly checking multiple sources.

  3. Track Website Changes for Research: Receive notifications about modifications to academic journals or research papers, enabling you to stay current with the latest developments in your field.


Changeez empowers users to effortlessly monitor website updates with its user-friendly interface and AI-driven capabilities. Whether you're a shopper, researcher, or news enthusiast, this tool ensures you stay informed by delivering timely alerts tailored to your preferences. With customizable triggers, flexible frequency options, and AI assistance, Changeez offers a seamless solution for staying updated on the web.

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