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Create video chapters effortlessly with ChapterMe's AI-powered tool. Save time, money, and effort while engaging viewers. Customize, track, and optimize with A/B testing and YouTube integration. Join millions of users; it's free and user-friendly!0
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What is Chapterme?

ChapterMe is a groundbreaking tool that simplifies the process of adding timestamped chapters to videos, enhancing user engagement and content accessibility. With its AI-powered ChapterGPT feature, ChapterMe saves time and effort, boosts SEO, and provides valuable analytics for content creators and businesses alike.

Key Features:

  1. 🚀 ChapterGPT Powered Chapters: Automate the chapter creation process, reducing manual effort and increasing efficiency.

  2. 🔍 SEO-Optimized Chapters: Enhance search engine visibility, driving more traffic to your videos.

  3. 🌐 Embeddable On-Brand Player: Customize the video player to match your brand, increasing play rates and audience engagement.

  4. 📊 Chapter & Engagement Analytics: Gain insights into viewer behavior and preferences, optimizing content for better engagement.

  5. 📈 Video A/B Testing: Compare different video versions to determine the most effective content for your audience.

Use Cases:

  1. Educational Content Creators: Enhance the learning experience by providing structured video content, making it easier for students to navigate and understand complex topics.

  2. Corporate Training Modules: Improve employee engagement and knowledge retention with easily navigable training videos.

  3. Podcasters and YouTube Channels: Attract and retain viewers by offering a more organized and user-friendly viewing experience.

More information on Chapterme

Pricing Model
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$24 / mo
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Tech used
Google Tag Manager,Google Fonts,Bootstrap,jQuery,Gzip,HTTP/3,OpenGraph,Progressive Web App,HSTS

Top 5 Countries

United States Colombia Georgia Indonesia India

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Social Search Direct Referrals
Updated Date: 2024-04-29
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