Discover the power of ChatALL, a software that lets you compare AI bots, debug prompts, and save time with concurrent prompting. Explore its key features and use cases!0
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What is ChatALL?

ChatALL is a software that allows users to send prompts to multiple AI bots concurrently, helping them find the best results. It is particularly useful for users who want to compare the strengths and weaknesses of different AI bots or quickly debug prompts for LLM applications. The software supports various AI bots and offers features such as quick-prompt mode, chat history saving, response highlighting, and enabling/disabling bots. It also supports multiple languages and platforms.

Key Features:

1. Concurrent Prompting: ChatALL allows users to send prompts to multiple AI bots simultaneously, improving the chances of finding the best results.

2. Bot Support: The software supports a wide range of AI bots, including ChatGPT, Bing Chat, Baidu ERNIE, Bard, Poe, MOSS, Tongyi Qianwen, Dedao Learning Assistant, iFLYTEK SPARK, Alpaca, Vicuna, ChatGLM2, Claude, Gradio, HuggingChat, SkyWork, Pi, 360 AI Brain, YouChat, Open Assistant, Character.AI, Llama 2, Code Llama, WizardLM, Falcon, Phind, Zephyr, and more.

3. Additional Features: ChatALL offers various additional features such as quick-prompt mode, local chat history saving, response highlighting, enabling/disabling bots, multi-column view, auto-update, dark mode, shortcut keys, multiple chats, and proxy settings.

Use Cases:

- Gurus of LLMs: ChatALL is beneficial for experts who want to find the best answers or creations from LLMs.

- Researchers of LLMs: Researchers can use ChatALL to compare the strengths and weaknesses of various LLMs in different fields.

- Developers of LLM Applications: Developers can utilize ChatALL to quickly debug prompts and find the best-performing foundation models.


ChatALL is a powerful tool that simplifies the process of interacting with multiple AI bots. With its concurrent prompting feature and support for various AI bots, users can easily find the best results. Whether you are an expert, researcher, or developer, ChatALL offers practicality and value in exploring the capabilities of large language models.

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