ChatGPT File Uploader Extended

Supercharge your Chrome browsing with ChatGPT File Uploader Extended! Upload and process various file types through a chatbot-like system, saving you time. Try it now!0
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What is ChatGPT File Uploader Extended?

This is a Chrome extension developed using React, TypeScript, and Vite. The extension allows users to upload and process various file types through a chatbot-like conversation system.


  • Upload and process different file types such as TXT, JS, PY, HTML, CSS, JSON, CSV, MD, TS, TSX, JSX, PDF, DOC, DOCX, XLS, and XLSX.
  • Automatic extraction of text content from PDF, Word, and Excel files. Chunked processing of large files to accommodate chatbot limitations.
  • Configurable chunk size for better control over the conversation flow.
  • Simulated conversation prompt generation based on the file context.
  • User-friendly interface for selecting files and monitoring the upload progress.
  • Supported on Google Chrome as a browser extension. Installation
  • ChatGPT File Uploader Extended

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