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Automate tasks with the leading construction AI built specifically for Civil Engineering, Structural, Geotechnical and BIM applications. All on the web.0
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What is revolutionizes construction project management with its automated document management system, enabling seamless organization, analysis, and retrieval of project documents. From simplifying data extraction to ensuring data privacy, empowers construction teams to enhance efficiency and collaboration.

Key Features:

  1. 🔄 Streamlined Document Organization: Easily sync project documents from various sources like Autodesk Construction Cloud and OneDrive, simplifying access and collaboration.

  2. 📑 Automated Document Tasks: Reliably automate tasks such as answering questions, gathering data, and design coordination, boosting productivity and minimizing errors.

  3. 🔍 Comprehensive Document Search: Effortlessly search across thousands of project documents with a single query, ensuring quick access to relevant information and reducing search time.

  4. 🛠️ Specialized Geotechnical Document Handling: Extract data from PDF geotech reports effortlessly, including geological descriptions, test data, and more, enhancing data accessibility and decision-making.

Use Cases:

  1. Efficient Project Data Retrieval: empowers project managers to quickly find crucial information across a multitude of documents, reducing search time by 20% and enhancing project decision-making.

  2. Cost-Effective Data Extraction: By automating the extraction of data from geotechnical reports, saves construction teams significant rework costs, leading to an approximate 80% reduction in extraction costs.

  3. Enhanced Collaboration and Job Satisfaction: With streamlined document management and automation, fosters a healthier work environment, leading to a 10% increase in staff job satisfaction and improved submission quality.


In a dynamic construction landscape, stands out as a game-changer, offering unparalleled efficiency and reliability in document management. By leveraging cutting-edge AI technology and prioritizing data privacy, not only enhances operational workflows but also fosters better collaboration and decision-making. Experience the transformative power of today and revolutionize your construction projects.


  1. How does ensure data privacy? operates in compliance with project NDAs and offers options to run on company-owned cloud servers, ensuring data is hosted securely and in line with user preferences.

  2. What types of documents does support? supports various document types, including contracts, specifications, design guides, and PDF geotechnical reports, streamlining project AI training and data extraction processes.

  3. Can users delete their uploaded data?Yes, users can delete their uploaded data at any time via the platform's interface or by requesting data deletion from the support team.

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