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With our software you can automate incoming and outgoing phone and web calls. Setup your AI phone support agent or schedule calls to thousands of phone numbers.0
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What is Cognitive Calls?

Cognitive Calls is a pioneering AI-driven platform designed to revolutionize your business communication by automating calls, whether incoming, outgoing, or in-app. It seamlessly integrates with your operations, offering a range of features from customer support and sales follow-ups to reminders and alerts. With advanced AI and natural language processing, Cognitive Calls mimics human-like conversations, handling repetitive tasks and improving staff efficiency. Ready to elevate your workflows and streamline your communications? Schedule a demo today.

Key Features

  1. Automated Surveys and Feedback Collection
    Conduct detailed surveys with ease, gathering customer feedback through engaging AI-driven conversations for accurate data collection.

  2. End-to-End Task Automation
    Streamline your operations with a comprehensive platform that handles call management, customer interactions, and advanced evaluations, integrating seamlessly with common business applications.

  3. Voice Interface Integration
    Integrate voice capabilities into web or mobile apps, enhancing user interaction and accessibility through phone, web, or IoT devices.

  4. Real-Time Analytics and Custom Functions
    Monitor campaigns and analyze call data in real-time, using sentiment analysis and custom functions to refine your interactions and improve customer engagement.

  5. Security and Privacy
    Ensure compliance with privacy regulations through opt-out management, data anonymization, and secure handling of customer information.

Use Cases

  1. Effortless Event Management
    Simplify RSVP collection for events by automating outreach, making event planning more organized and efficient.

  2. Streamlined Sales Follow-up
    Automate sales follow-up calls to boost customer engagement and sales closure rates, ensuring a personalized touch for each potential client.

  3. Enhanced Telehealth Services
    Elevate patient care by automating telehealth check-ins, reminders for appointments, and providing health information, ensuring timely and consistent support.


Cognitive Calls redefines the way businesses handle call operations, providing an all-encompassing solution that boosts productivity, enhances customer satisfaction, and simplifies operations. Experience the future of AI in communications—transform your workflows with Cognitive Calls today.


  1. Q: How does Cognitive Calls integrate with my business?
    Cognitive Calls offers robust integration capabilities, including CRM, appointment scheduling, and survey software, streamlining your operations through a single platform.

  2. Q: Can Cognitive Calls handle multi-language interactions?
    While current features focus on English support, Cognitive Calls is continuously expanding its capabilities, aiming to accommodate a wider range of languages in the future.

  3. Q: What level of security does Cognitive Calls offer?
    Cognitive Calls prioritizes data privacy and security, providing opt-out management, data anonymization, and ensuring all interactions comply with relevant privacy regulations.

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