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Cohesive allows you to enrich your spreadsheet data with AI, web scraping, and email validation. Analyze data, research companies, validate emails, and generate personalizations at scale, all within Google Sheets™.0
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What is Cohesive AI?

Cohesive, an AI-driven tool designed for seamless integration with Google Sheets, revolutionizes data enrichment and web scraping capabilities. With its native Google Sheets interface, users can effortlessly enhance their data with AI insights, perform extensive web research, validate emails, and create personalized content, all without leaving their familiar spreadsheet environment. This product is ideal for businesses looking to scale their data analysis and marketing efforts while maintaining efficiency and accuracy.

Key Features:

  1. AI Enrichment: Utilize artificial intelligence to analyze data, generate personalized content, and optimize your data entries for better insights and decision-making.

  2. Web Scraping: Conduct comprehensive research on Google, LinkedIn, and any other websites directly from your Google Sheets, saving time and effort.

  3. Email Validation: Find and validate contact emails using ZeroBounce, ensuring your email campaigns reach their intended recipients.

  4. Bulk Operations: Perform all these functions in bulk, making Cohesive perfect for managing large datasets or running extensive marketing campaigns.

Use Cases:

  1. A marketing team streamlines their lead generation process by enriching their Google Sheets database with AI-generated insights and contact information.

  2. A sales team boosts their outreach efforts by validating email addresses and gathering additional contact details using web scraping, increasing their email campaign's effectiveness.

  3. A data analyst quickly compiles market research from multiple sources, streamlining their workflow and enhancing the quality and depth of their analysis.


Cohesive's integration with Google Sheets makes data enrichment, analysis, and web scraping more accessible and efficient for businesses of all sizes. By harnessing AI and web scraping technologies, it enables users to unlock deeper insights and improve the effectiveness of their marketing and sales strategies. Ready to transform your data management and marketing efforts? Start using Cohesive today for free.


  1. Q: How does Cohesive's AI enrichment work?
    A: Cohesive's AI enrichment function uses advanced algorithms to analyze and enrich your data, helping you derive meaningful insights and improve decision-making.

  2. Q: Can Cohesive be used for large-scale web scraping tasks?
    A: Yes, Cohesive supports bulk web scraping operations, allowing you to gather data from various sources quickly and efficiently, ideal for large-scale research or data mining projects.

  3. Q: Is Cohesive compatible with other spreadsheet software besides Google Sheets?
    A: Cohesive is designed to be Google Sheets native, providing seamless integration. While it primarily works with Google Sheets, data can be exported for use in other spreadsheet formats.

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