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Cramly helps students get a higher ROI on their education, by maximizing the value of every student's study time.0
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What is Cramly?

Cramly is an AI-powered tool that helps students save time by writing essays, solving math questions, and drafting discussion board responses. It offers features like a plagiarism checker, citation insertion, Grammarly integration, content inspiration, and an AI career center. Cramly aims to maximize the value of students' study time and has been trusted by over 1 million students in the US.

Key Features:

1. Essay Generator: Cramly's essay generator can write essays for students, saving them hours of time. It includes a plagiarism checker to ensure originality and offers citation insertion and Grammarly integration for improved writing quality.

2. Math Problem Solver: With Cramly, students can solve math questions quickly and accurately. The AI-powered tool provides step-by-step solutions, helping students understand and learn the concepts.

3. Discussion Board Assistance: Cramly's AI compiles counterarguments and agreements for both sides of a discussion, eliminating the need for lengthy Googling. It helps students participate effectively in online discussions.

Use Cases:

1. Time-saving Study Tool: Cramly is ideal for students who want to save time on writing essays, solving math problems, and preparing for discussion boards. It allows them to focus on other important tasks and maximize their study time.

2. Writing Assistance: The essay generator, plagiarism checker, and citation insertion features are valuable for students who struggle with writing assignments. Cramly provides content inspiration and paper outlines to overcome writer's block and simplify the writing process.

3. Career Development: The AI career center offers tips and tricks on resume and cover letter writing. It helps students enhance their job application materials using AI-powered suggestions.

Cramly is a comprehensive AI tool that offers a range of features to help students excel in their academic journey. With its time-saving capabilities, writing assistance, and career development resources, Cramly is trusted by over 1 million students. Unlock your full potential and sign up for Cramly today to maximize the value of your study time and achieve your best.

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