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What is CRANQ?

CRANQ is an AI tool that simplifies workflow automation by converting your prompts into actionable steps. It eliminates the need for form navigation and allows you to express your desired outcomes directly. Whether you prefer simple or complex prompts, CRANQ can handle it, making it ideal for both casual users and power users.

Key Features:

  1. 🔄 Workflow Automation: CRANQ transforms your prompts into workflow steps, streamlining the process and saving you time.

  2. 🔍 Trending Keyword Generation: Discover popular keywords from Google Adwords to enhance your content and boost audience engagement.

  3. 📸 Image Creation and Integration: Utilize OpenAI to generate AI-powered image prompts, store them in Google Drive, and combine them with text using Schedule-tweet these images effortlessly with

Use Cases:

  1. 📊 Content Marketing: Identify relevant YouTube channels for your search query and compile a database in Google Sheets, enabling effective Google Ads content marketing.

  2. ✉️ Social Media Automation: Extract newsletters from your Gmail inbox, generate potential tweets and AI images from the content, and send them via Gmail for efficient social media management.

  3. 👥 LinkedIn Data Collection: Gather LinkedIn profile data using RapidAPI, select the desired information, and insert it into a Google Sheet, ensuring responsible usage and compliance with LinkedIn's Terms of Service.


CRANQ simplifies workflow automation by converting prompts into actionable steps, catering to both casual and power users. With features like trending keyword generation, image creation, and integration, it offers practical solutions for content marketing, social media automation, and LinkedIn data collection. As a user-friendly and time-saving tool, CRANQ empowers individuals and businesses to streamline their processes and enhance productivity.


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