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The new Creative Upscaler by Stability AI can upscale your images to 4k resolution and create new details that weren't there before.0
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What is Creative Upscaler?

NightCafe’s Creative Upscaler, developed by Stability AI, is a revolutionary tool designed to enhance images like never before. This cutting-edge software upscales images to 4K resolution, adding new details that didn’t exist in the original, thereby transforming low-quality images into high-resolution masterpieces.

Key Features:

  1. Advanced Upscaling Technology: 🌟

    • 4K Resolution Enhancement: Upscales any image to approximately 9 Megapixels, ensuring crystal-clear clarity.

    • Detail Enhancement: Utilizes AI to “hallucinate” new details, creating a more vivid and realistic image.

  2. Customization with Text Prompts: 📝

    • Creativity Level Adjustment: Users can control the level of creativity, allowing the AI to add more or fewer details based on preference.

    • Specific Detail Addition: By including specific text prompts, users can guide the AI to add particular elements or styles to their images.

  3. User-Friendly Interface: 🖥️

    • Easy Upload and Enhancement: Simple drag-and-drop or upload system for convenient use.

    • Interactive Before and After View: Sliders allow users to compare the original and enhanced images side-by-side.

Use Cases:

  1. Photography Enhancement: 📸

    • Ideal for photographers looking to upscale and enhance their work, adding depth and clarity to images.

  2. Gaming and Digital Art: 🎮

    • Perfect for gamers and digital artists who want to transform low-poly art or screenshots into high-quality cinematic images.

  3. AI Artistry: 🖌️

    • Aids AI artists in refining their creations, turning basic AI-generated images into detailed, high-resolution artworks.


NightCafe’s Creative Upscaler is more than just an upscaling tool; it’s a creative partner for artists, photographers, and designers. Its ability to not only enhance resolution but also add new details makes it a unique and powerful tool in the world of digital imagery. Try it now and experience the magic of transforming your images into stunning masterpieces.

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