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DAWNet is an audio plugin which allows users perform AI stem separation, Text-To-Audio, Style Transfer and more.0
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What is DAWNet?

DAWNet is a VST plugin that allows users to execute remote Python functions, enabling tasks like audio stem splitting on a remote server. With the DAWNet Client, users can easily send data from their DAW to the remote function and back again.

Key Features:

  1. 🌐 Remote Python Execution: DAWNet enables the execution of Python functions on a remote server, expanding the capabilities of traditional DAWs.

  2. 🎧 Audio/MIDI Integration: The native DAW plugin provides a user-friendly interface for dragging and dropping audio/midi files from the DAW into the plugin, facilitating seamless data transfer.

  3. 🚀 Network Discovery Server: DAWNet includes a network discovery server that acts as a mediator for data transfer between the DAWNet VST and the remote compute, ensuring smooth communication.

Use Cases:

  1. 🎵 Music Production: DAWNet empowers musicians and producers to leverage remote machine learning capabilities within their DAWs, enhancing tasks like audio stem splitting, vocal isolation, and more.

  2. 🎙️ Sound Design: Sound designers can utilize DAWNet to access advanced audio processing algorithms on remote servers, enabling complex sound manipulation and synthesis.

  3. 📚 Machine Learning Experiments: Technical musicians and software developers can experiment with self-hosting machine learning models using DAWNet's integration with popular DAWs, such as Google Colab.


DAWNet bridges the gap between traditional DAWs and remote machine learning by providing a seamless integration with popular DAWs. With its remote Python execution, audio/midi integration, and network discovery server, DAWNet offers musicians, producers, sound designers, and developers a powerful tool to enhance their creative workflows and explore new possibilities in music production and sound design.

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