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Easily extract vocals and split audio tracks with Vocal Remover & AI Splitter. Create instrument-only tracks or karaoke versions with advanced AI technology.0
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What is SongDonkey?

Vocal Remover & AI Splitter is an online tool that uses artificial intelligence to extract vocals and instruments from songs. With this software, you can easily remove vocals or isolate specific stems like drums, bass, piano, and more. It also allows you to create your own karaoke versions of any track. The AI splitter technology ensures quick and accurate separation of audio tracks.

Key Features:

1. Vocal Removal: This software utilizes advanced AI algorithms to remove vocals from songs while preserving the instrumental elements. By eliminating the vocals, users can create instrument-only tracks for remixing or karaoke purposes.

2. Stem Separation: With the help of AI technology, Vocal Remover & AI Splitter can separate different stems in a song such as vocals, bass, drums, piano, and other instruments. This feature enables users to isolate specific parts of a track for further editing or analysis.

3. Karaoke Creation: Users can transform any song into a karaoke version by removing the original vocals using Vocal Remover & AI Splitter's vocal removal capabilities. This allows singers to perform along with their favorite tracks without interference from the original singer's voice.

Use Cases:

1. Music Production: Musicians and producers can utilize Vocal Remover & AI Splitter to extract individual stems from songs they want to sample or remix. By isolating specific elements like drums or basslines, they have greater flexibility in creating unique compositions.

2. Karaoke Singing: Individuals who enjoy singing karaoke can use this software to remove the original vocals from their favorite songs and sing along with just the instrumental accompaniment.

3.Audio Analysis: Sound engineers and researchers may find value in separating audio stems for detailed analysis purposes such as studying individual instrument performances or examining vocal techniques used in recordings.


Vocal Remover & AI Splitter offers a user-friendly solution for extracting vocals and splitting audio tracks using advanced AI technology. Whether you're a musician, karaoke enthusiast, or audio professional, this software provides the tools to enhance your creative projects and explore the intricacies of music production. With its ability to remove vocals and separate stems accurately and quickly, Vocal Remover & AI Splitter opens up new possibilities for remixing, karaoke singing, and audio analysis.

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