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DUIX is an open source AI digital human intelligent interaction platform built. It allows developers to access a variety of large models and voice capabilities, realize real-time digital human interaction, and support multi-end point deployment on Android and iOS0
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What is Duix.ai?

DUIX (Dialogue User Interface System) is an AI-powered digital human interaction platform developed by Silica Valley Intelligence. This innovative platform allows developers to integrate multiple large models, speech recognition (ASR), and speech synthesis (TTS) capabilities, enabling real-time digital human interaction. With a single deployment on Android and iOS devices, developers can easily create intelligent, personalized digital human agents for various industries.

Key Features:

1️⃣ Low Deployment Cost: No need for clients to provide technical teams; supports low-cost, rapid deployment on multiple terminals and large screens. 💻
2️⃣ Minimal Network Dependence: Suitable for virtual assistants in scenarios with limited network connectivity, such as metro stations, banks, and government offices. 📱
3️⃣ Multi-Industry Applications: Can satisfy diverse demands from various industries, including video, media, customer service, finance, and broadcasting. 📺

Use Cases:

  1. A bank deploys a digital human agent on their mobile app to provide personalized customer service, reducing the need for human representatives and improving user experience.

  2. A retail store uses DUIX to create a virtual shopping assistant, allowing customers to interact with a digital human agent and receive product recommendations.

  3. A government office implements DUIX to create a digital human agent for public services, providing citizens with convenient and efficient assistance.


DUIX revolutionizes the way we interact with digital humans, offering a flexible and cost-effective solution for various industries. By leveraging its core features, developers can create intelligent, personalized digital human agents that streamline operations and enhance user experience. Experience the power of DUIX firsthand and discover how it can transform your business operations.

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