EaseUS Vocal Remover

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Effortlessly remove vocals from any song with EaseUS Vocal Remover - a free vocal remover online tool powered by AI. Extract Karaoke, background music, acapella, or instrument track with ease.0
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What is EaseUS Vocal Remover?

EaseUS Vocal Remover is an AI-powered online tool designed to seamlessly separate vocals from music tracks. This software caters to a wide range of users, from professional music makers to hobbyists, by providing a simple and efficient method to create karaoke tracks, instrumental versions, or remixes. It supports various audio and video file formats, offers a straightforward three-step process, and incorporates advanced AI algorithms to maintain audio quality while分离ing vocals.

Key Features

  1. 🎵 AI Automated Audio Processing: Utilizes cutting-edge AI algorithms to automatically detect and separate vocals from audio tracks, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

  2. 🎤 Multiple Types of Separation: Goes beyond vocal removal by also allowing the separation of drums, bass, piano, and other elements without compromising audio quality.

  3. 📼 Video/Audio Vocal Extraction: Works equally well with both video and audio files, providing versatility in media handling.

  4. 🌐 Online Site Links Support: Users can directly input URLs from platforms like YouTube or SoundCloud, enabling the extraction of vocals from online content.

  5. 🎧 Free Built-in Player: Comes with a built-in player for real-time preview, ensuring users can fine-tune their output to achieve the desired result.

Use Cases

  1. Karaoke Creation: Musicians and party enthusiasts can easily create karaoke versions of their favorite songs for performances or entertainment.

  2. Audio Restoration: Podcasters and content creators can remove unwanted vocals from recorded interviews or speeches for clearer audio.

  3. Music Production: Producers and DJs can extract instrumentals or specific elements from tracks for remixing andsampling.


EaseUS Vocal Remover stands out as a user-friendly and efficient tool for anyone looking to modify or enhance audio tracks. Its powerful AI capabilities, coupled with support for a wide range of file formats and online content, make it an invaluable asset for music enthusiasts and professionals alike. Try EaseUS Vocal Remover today and unlock a world of possibilities in audio editing and creation.

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Updated Date: 2024-05-12
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