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Eidolon is a service-oriented framework for developing agents. We want developers to get beyond direct LLM interaction and create modular, flexible services that cooperate and collaborate.0
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What is Eidolon AI?

Eidolon is an open-source, service-oriented framework designed to simplify the development and deployment of AI agents. Focused on modularity and flexibility, Eidolon enables the creation of autonomous entities that can operate in specific domains and collaborate with each other, shifting the paradigm from direct human interaction to automated service orchestration. With built-in deployment services, dynamic agent-to-agent communication, and painless component customization, developers can easily create, upgrade, and secure complex AI applications without vendor lock-in.

Key Features

  1. Easy Deployment

    • Eidolon simplifies the deployment process by treating agents as services with built-in HTTP servers, allowing seamless deployment on-premises or in the cloud.

  2. Agent-to-Agent Communication

    • Eidolon's design prioritizes loose coupling among agents, enabling simple communication via well-defined interfaces and dynamic tools generated from OpenAPI JSON schemas.

  3. Painless Component Customization

    • The modular design allows developers to easily swap out components, like LLMs and RAG implementations, reducing dependency on specific vendors and facilitating upgrades.

  4. Security and Regulatory Compliance

    • Eidolon supports enterprise-grade security, including multiple authentication methods and RBAC, with pluggable interfaces for customizing security protocols.

  5. Open-Source Development

    • As an open-source project, Eidolon encourages community participation, innovation, and the development of AI applications without exclusive licensing barriers.

Use Cases

  1. Enterprise Service Orchestration

    • Eidolon enables the creation of modular, cooperative agent services that can work together to perform complex tasks in different domains, enhancing operational efficiency and adaptability.

  2. Secure AI Application Development

    • Developers can utilize Eidolon to build AI applications with built-in security features, ensuring compliance with enterprise governance and regulatory standards.

  3. Customizable AI Solutions

    • With Eidolon, developers can rapidly prototype and customize AI solutions, swapping out components to adapt to changing AI landscapes and evolving business needs.


Eidolon empowers developers to build trusted, modular, and scalable AI agents for generative AI applications. By embracing a service-oriented approach, it overcomes the limitations of direct interaction models, offering a flexible and powerful platform for innovation in the AI space. Join the community on GitHub, and start building the future of AI today.


  1. How does Eidolon simplify AI agent development?

    • Eidolon provides an easy-to-use framework with pre-built agents and components that developers can customize, reducing the amount of code and effort needed for AI application development.

  2. What are the advantages of Eidolon's agent-to-agent communication capabilities?

    • By facilitating simple communication among agents, Eidolon enables the orchestration of complex, multi-agent systems, allowing for the creation of more sophisticated AI applications.

  3. Can Eidolon be deployed in different environments?

    • Yes, Eidolon is designed to be run in any cloud or on-premises environment, offering flexibility in deployment choices.

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