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Playfully personalized math and reading program for elementary teachers. Explore eSpark's student-centered learning environment today.0
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What is eSpark?

eSpark is an educational software that engages students and helps close learning gaps in math and reading. It offers standards-based games, videos, and interactive activities that allow students to work independently at their own pace. The program also provides intervention and acceleration features, making it suitable for every student's needs.

Key Features:

1️⃣ Personalized Learning: eSpark offers personalized instruction and practice for math and reading, aligning with educational standards. It caters to different learning styles and meets evidence-based intervention requirements.

2️⃣ Quest-Based Learning: Each Quest includes direct instruction and engaging videos, games, activities, and quizzes. Students can work on these Quests independently during center time, as homework, or after teacher-assigned lessons.

3️⃣ Targeted Lessons: Assignable Small Group Skills lessons help reinforce weekly teaching standards. These lessons include instructional videos, practice activities, and quizzes, saving teachers time and providing real-time data.

Use Cases:

  1. Individualized Learning: eSpark allows students to work at their own pace and level, making it ideal for personalized learning scenarios.

  2. Intervention and Remediation: Teachers can use eSpark to identify and address learning gaps, providing targeted support to struggling students.

  3. Efficient Teaching: The software streamlines teaching with targeted lessons, saving teachers time and providing data for informed decision-making.


eSpark is a comprehensive educational tool that empowers students to learn independently, bridges learning gaps, and supports teachers with personalized instruction. With its engaging content and data-driven insights, it is a valuable asset in the classroom, helping students succeed in math and reading. Try it now to enhance your students' learning experience.

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