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Redesign any room with AI! Simply upload a photo, choose a style, and see your room transformed. Buy matching decor effortlessly with Bau.0
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What is

Bau is an AI interior designer application that allows users to upload a photo of a room and select a new style. The AI then automatically redesigns the room and provides a range of home decor products for users to purchase. Bau supports over 30 different styles, including industrial, mid-century, minimalist, bohemian, Miami, urban, Mediterranean, Japanese, Moroccan, and southwestern styles. 

Key Features:

1. Photo Upload and Style Selection: Users can upload a photo of a room and choose a new style from the available options.

2. Automatic Room Redesign: The AI automatically redesigns the room based on the selected style, providing a visual representation of the new design.

3. Home Decor Product Recommendations: Bau offers a range of home decor products that match the selected style, allowing users to easily purchase items to complete their redesigned room.

Use Cases:

1. Living Room Redesign: Users can upload a photo of their living room and select an industrial style. Bau will automatically redesign the room and provide a selection of home decor products that match the industrial aesthetic. Users can then purchase the recommended products to create an industrial-themed living room.

2. Bedroom Transformation: By uploading a photo of their bedroom and choosing a mid-century style, users can have Bau automatically redesign the room and suggest home decor products that align with the mid-century aesthetic. Users can purchase the recommended products to achieve a mid-century look for their bedroom.

3. Bathroom Makeover: Users can upload a photo of their bathroom and select a Mediterranean style. Bau will then redesign the bathroom and offer home decor product recommendations that complement the Mediterranean theme. Users can purchase the suggested products to create a Mediterranean-inspired bathroom.


Bau is an AI interior designer application that simplifies the process of room redesigning and purchasing home decor products. With its automatic room redesign feature and a wide range of supported styles, users can easily transform their spaces according to their desired aesthetics. Whether it's an industrial living room, a mid-century bedroom, or a Mediterranean bathroom, Bau provides the tools and recommendations needed to achieve the desired look.

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