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Static sites with AI translations. Language switching, sitemap generation, and HTML validations are all built into the boilerplate.0
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What is Global Sites?

Global Sites is an innovative static site generator designed to simplify multilingual web development. Utilizing AI translations, this platform empowers you to swiftly expand from one language to over twenty, enhancing your site's reach and inclusivity. The framework integrates a seamless language switcher, automatic URL adjustments, and generates sitemaps and robots.txt files for each language, streamlining the process for search engine optimization. As a static site generator, Global Sites prioritizes speed and security, offering a minimalist HTML output that results in blazing-fast loading times.

Key Features:

  1. AI-Powered Multilingual Support: The platform seamlessly translates content into multiple languages, adjusting URLs and enhancing SEO through dynamic sitemap generation.

  2. Seamless Language Switching: Users can easily switch between languages using a dropdown or links in the footer, enhancing the site's accessibility for a global audience.

  3. Robust Static Site Generation: Global Sites employs a lightweight HTML framework, ensuring rapid load times and enhanced security for your multilingual website.

  4. Inclusive Code Structure and Validation: TypeScript is used for straightforward code implementation, and comprehensive HTML validation is performed to ensure site integrity.

  5. Customization and Support: Access to the GitHub repository is available for ongoing updates and support, and a basic theme is included for quick prototyping, though you're free to customize as needed.

Use Cases:

  1. E-commerce Expansion: E-commerce businesses can quickly localize their online stores for international markets, increasing their global customer base and sales.

  2. Nonprofit Outreach: Nonprofits can extend their reach by translating their website into multiple languages, effectively communicating their mission to a broader audience worldwide.

  3. Education Platforms: Educational content providers can make their resources accessible to non-English-speaking students, enhancing global educational opportunities.


Global Sites revolutionizes the way we build and manage multilingual websites. With its AI-driven translations, efficient static site generation, and user-friendly language switcher, it democratizes web content creation for a global audience. Whether you're an e-commerce entrepreneur looking to break into new markets, a nonprofit aiming to extend your impact, or an educational platform striving to increase accessibility, Global Sites is your ultimate tool. Get started today and unlock the full potential of multilingual web design.


  1. What is included in the Global Sites (Lifetime)?

    • A comprehensive set of boilerplate files to assist you in building multilingual static sites. Also, you gain access to the GitHub repository for continuous updates and support.

  2. Is this platform built with React or NextJS?

    • No, it uses i18next for translations and string-based template definitions. The concepts are easily comprehensible to those familiar with React, yet it operates independently with its own set of development tools.

  3. What is your return policy?

    • Given the immediate access to the GitHub repository, refunds are not possible. However, you will benefit from lifetime access and continuous updates.

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