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Glue is a work chat application designed to facilitate focused, AI-assisted conversations.0
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What is Glue?

Glue is a cutting-edge work chat application designed to enhance productivity and streamline communication through the integration of artificial intelligence. It offers a smarter, more focused approach to work conversations by leveraging AI to assist with idea iteration, feedback, and information summarization. Glue's platform is built to be developer-friendly, allowing for seamless integration with a variety of tools and services to create a unified and efficient workflow.


  1. AI-Powered Assistance: Glue AI acts as an intelligent assistant within every thread, providing real-time assistance, feedback, and summaries to enhance the conversation's clarity and effectiveness.

  2. Multiplayer AI Collaboration: Work collaboratively with Glue AI and your team in every thread, ensuring that everyone benefits from AI insights and can move projects forward more quickly.

  3. Contextual Awareness: Glue AI is contextually aware, capable of understanding the nuances of your threads and groups, and can cross-reference with documents to provide informed responses.

  4. Customizable AI Models: Choose between powerful AI models like OpenAI GPT-4o or Anthropic's Claude 3, with more options on the horizon, to tailor the AI's capabilities to your team's needs.

  5. Flexible Thread Management: Glue allows for the creation of threads without the constraints of channels, enabling more dynamic and organized conversations. It also facilitates the addition of individuals or groups to specific threads, and the ability to fork conversations for clarity.

Application Scenarios

  1. Project Management: Use Glue to manage project discussions, allowing team members to stay focused on tasks, receive AI-generated insights, and maintain a clear overview of project progress.

  2. Knowledge Sharing: Transform Glue into a living knowledge base where team members can easily access and contribute to the collective wisdom, with AI suggesting relevant information during conversations.

  3. Developer Workflows: Developers can utilize Glue's AI capabilities to streamline their coding and debugging processes, integrating it with tools like GitHub for a more efficient development cycle.


Glue represents a paradigm shift in work chat applications by prioritizing productivity, intelligent assistance, and seamless integration with existing tools. It empowers teams to communicate more effectively, make better decisions, and focus on what truly matters. With Glue, good communication becomes the cornerstone of good work and a good life, fostering an environment where every team member can thrive.

By embracing AI as a core component of the communication process, Glue is poised to redefine how teams collaborate and innovate. With a commitment to continuous improvement and a growing suite of integrations, Glue is the future of smarter work chat, ready to elevate your team's productivity to new heights. Join the waitlist today to experience the difference that AI can make in your daily work conversations.

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