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A Minimalist, Personal, Conversational AI Assistant you can trust. From crafting essays to translating text, Igiwe is your go-to for creative support0
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What is Igiwe AI Chat?

Igiwe AI Chat, your minimalist, personal AI assistant. Designed with your privacy and security in mind, Igiwe offers a wide range of conversational support without ever recording or sharing your data. Whether you're looking for help with research, writing assistance, grammar checks, or language translation, Igiwe is equipped to provide accurate and helpful information. With our inbuilt PII SafeGuard, your personal information remains protected. No account or login is required – just open the app and start chatting safely. Plus, with support for multiple languages, Igiwe is the versatile assistant you've been searching for.


Ask Me Anything: Get accurate information on a wide array of topics.

Writing Assistant: Receive guidance and creative input for your writing projects.

Resume Reviewer: Obtain constructive feedback to improve your resume.

Summarize Texts: Get concise summaries with key points and main ideas.

Grammar Checker: Ensure your text is grammatically correct.

Improve Essays: Enhance the clarity and quality of your essays.

Simplify Concepts: Understand complex ideas with simple explanations.

Active Voice Conversion: Transform passive sentences into active ones.

Translate to English: Effortlessly translate text into English.

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