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An always-on AI companion for your Mac that understands the context of your screen, doesn’t need any prompting and surfaces suggestions, information, and actions automatically.0
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What is Impel?

Impel is an AI tool designed for Mac that functions as an always-on AI companion. It understands the context of the user's screen and provides suggestions, information, and actions without the need for prompting. Unlike other AI assistants, Impel learns the user's workflow in the background and automatically performs tasks, generates content, takes notes, sends reminders, books flights, summarizes blogs, and more.

Key Features:

1. Glide through logins: Impel recognizes login flows that require verification codes or links and instantly fetches them from the user's email or authenticator app, eliminating the need to search through tabs.

2. 10x your learning: Whether watching a video or reading a blog, Impel can summarize, explain, query, and visualize any piece of information or document, enhancing the user's learning experience.

3. Smart tasks: Impel collects and manages a list of to-dos and tasks as the user uses their Mac, prioritizing them to notify the user just in time. It handles linear tickets, subscriptions, reminders, and more.

Use Cases:

- Impel is useful for individuals who frequently encounter login flows that require verification codes or links. It automatically fetches these codes from the user's email or authenticator app, saving time and effort.

- Students and researchers can benefit from Impel's ability to summarize, explain, query, and visualize information. It enhances the learning process by providing concise and relevant insights.

- Professionals who need assistance in managing tasks and to-dos can rely on Impel's smart task management feature. It ensures important tasks are prioritized and notifies the user at the right time.

Impel is a revolutionary AI tool that simplifies and enhances the user's Mac experience. With its always-on functionality and ability to understand context, Impel eliminates the need for constant prompting and offers seamless assistance. Whether it's logging in, learning, or managing tasks, Impel streamlines workflows and boosts productivity. With a focus on privacy and on-device processing, Impel ensures data security while providing valuable AI-powered features. Upgrade your Mac experience with Impel and discover the power of an AI companion that truly understands your needs.

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