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Use offline models like Llama 2, Mixtral, Qwen, LlaVa, Gemma, or online models like GPT 4, Gemini, Mistral, and many more in an unified easy to use interface.0
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What is Msty?

Msty is a user-friendly AI tool that simplifies the use of local and online language models (LLMs). With Msty, users can easily interact with popular AI models, chat with multiple assistants simultaneously, and organize their chats into folders. The software prioritizes offline functionality, privacy protection, and offers features like prompts for every occasion and easy refinement of AI-generated texts.

Key Features:

1. Interact with Popular AI Models: Msty allows users to effortlessly engage with various AI models by providing a simple interface to summon image-to-text or other LLMs during conversations.

2. Split Chat with Multiple Assistants: Users have the flexibility to chat with multiple assistants simultaneously, compare their outputs, and choose the best one or merge them together.

3. Prompts for Every Occasion: Msty offers a library of prompts to help users get started quickly. Additionally, they can add their own prompts and easily swap out default texts using placeholders.

Use Cases:

1. Content Creation: Writers can leverage Msty's prompt library or create custom prompts to generate ideas or refine drafts more efficiently.

2. Personal Assistance: Users seeking advice on various topics can benefit from chatting with multiple assistants simultaneously in order to gather different perspectives before making decisions.

3. Organization and Productivity: Professionals can utilize Msty's folder feature to keep their chats organized based on projects or categories, improving workflow efficiency.


Msty provides an intuitive solution for interacting with both local and online language models without requiring technical expertise or extensive setup processes. Its user-friendly interface enables seamless communication between users and AI models while maintaining privacy through offline functionality. By offering features like customizable prompts and efficient organization tools, Msty enhances productivity across various domains such as content creation, personal assistance, and professional workflows

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