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Interview Monkey boosts your chances of getting your dream job by helping you perfect coding and system design skills with tailored practice, explanations and feedback.0
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What is Interview Monkey?

Interview Monkey: Your AI-Powered Companion to Conquer Software Engineering Interviews. Designed to boost your chances of landing your dream job at FAANG companies and beyond, Interview Monkey is the ultimate tool for tackling coding and system design challenges. Equipped with real-time problem-solving capabilities and multiple language support, it's invisible during screenshare and requires no typing, making it the perfect solution for any type of interview.

Key Features:

  1. Real-Time Problem Solving: Instantly get solutions for coding and system design questions, enhancing your understanding and approach to complex problems.

  2. Invisible During Screenshare: Stay discreet during interviews with the tool's invisible operation when screens are shared.

  3. No Typing Required: Simply speak your thoughts, and Interview Monkey translates them into code, streamlining your coding process.

  4. Multiple Language Support: Works seamlessly with over 10 programming languages, including JavaScript, Python, and Java, ensuring broad compatibility.

  5. All Interview Types Covered: Whether it's LeetCode-style problems or system design challenges, Interview Monkey is your go-to for comprehensive interview preparation.

Use Cases:

  1. Tackle coding challenges on platforms like LeetCode with ease, gaining a competitive edge for technical interviews.

  2. Ace system design questions, demonstrating your skills for senior-level positions or during final rounds of interviews.

  3. Navigate object-oriented programming questions confidently during online assessments or technical phone screens.


By leveraging Interview Monkey, candidates can boost their confidence, upgrade their roles, and secure better job offers. Its innovative features ensure you're fully prepared for any software engineering interview, giving you a competitive edge in the highly competitive job market. Ready to ace your interviews? Sign up now for Interview Monkey's free 5-minute trial or choose the monthly membership for full access and support.


  1. What do I get exactly with Interview Monkey?

    • By subscribing, you gain access to the Interview Monkey Chrome extension, tailored to enhance your preparation for software engineering interviews, covering coding problems and system design challenges.

  2. Which coding languages does Interview Monkey support?

    • Interview Monkey supports over 10 coding languages, including popular choices like JavaScript, Python, Java, and C#, ensuring broad compatibility for your coding needs.

  3. Can I use Interview Monkey in an actual interview?

    • Policies vary by company, so it's recommended to check with your potential employer. However, many engineers use AI tools to boost their productivity and skills.

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