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Krut AI is the AI co-pilot that’s built for e-commerce brands, and of course, also for companies who care about business impact.0
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What is Krut AI?

Krut AI, the ultimate AI Co-Pilot designed for e-commerce businesses, aiming to revolutionize imagery and streamline content creation. This cutting-edge platform offers a suite of AI tools, including product and model studio, background removal, image upscaling, magic remove, and magic replace, all working together to create high-quality images without requiring expertise in prompt writing. Krut AI boosts efficiency, accuracy, and time-management, making it a game-changer for e-commerce imagery.

Key Features

  1. Product Studio: Generates visually stunning product photoshoots in seconds, using AI precision for personalized image generation. It includes an AI assistant to optimize prompt writing and ensure the best results.

  2. Model Studio: Automates the creation of hyper-detailed model shots. It uses face and pose recognition for personalized generation, allowing you to swap faces, transform clothes, and alter environments for diverse model shots.

  3. Background Remover: Instantly removes backgrounds with AI precision, utilizing automatic image recognition for seamless integration into new environments.

  4. Upscaler: Instantly scales any image to 4K clarity with a single click, ensuring pixel-perfect clarity in all your digital content.

  5. Magic Replace and Remove: Effortlessly swaps unwanted objects and fixes imperfections, providing precision and speed in image editing.

Use Cases

  1. E-commerce Product Listings: Quickly create high-quality product images for e-commerce listings, saving time and money on traditional photoshoots.

  2. Marketing Campaigns: Generate model images and diverse content for marketing campaigns, optimizing ads and increasing conversion rates.

  3. Content Creation: Automate content creation processes for blogs, social media, and promotional materials, enhancing efficiency and reducing costs.


Krut AI is poised to transform the e-commerce industry by offering a comprehensive solution for AI image generation and content creation. Its advanced features enable businesses to create high-quality visuals without the need for extensive expertise or costly resources. Join the Krut AI community today to start revolutionizing your e-commerce imagery and take your brand to the next level. Start your free trial now!

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