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Licode is a no-code platform for builders, businesses and entrepreneurs to create web applications that are natively Powered by AI.0
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What is Licode?

Licode is a revolutionary no-code platform that empowers builders, businesses, and entrepreneurs to create AI-powered web applications in mere minutes. This innovative platform simplifies the development process, allowing users to focus on building and launching their applications without worrying about the complexities of coding. With Licode, users can create a wide range of applications, including SaaS, portals, dashboards, CRMs, chat apps, and form apps, all powered by AI and equipped with a suite of features to streamline development, deployment, and management.

Key Features:

1️⃣ AI Functionality: Enable AI capabilities in your app with ease, giving your users the power of AI out of the box. 🤖
2️⃣ Pre-built UI Components: Build your frontend with useful pre-built UI components, allowing you to build fast and ship fast. 🎨
3️⃣ Built-in Auth: Authenticate and manage users with Licode's built-in authentication and user management system, ensuring security and ease of use. 🔒
4️⃣ Billing Management: Easily manage users' billing for AI credits and subscriptions with seamless integration with Stripe. 💸
5️⃣ Secured Database: Store users' data with Licode's secured database, creating data tables to organize and connect data directly from your app. 📊
6️⃣ Actions: Create custom actions for any business logic, allowing you to perform tasks such as storing data, calling custom API endpoints, or using third-party integrations. 🔄
7️⃣ Payment Gateway: Accept payments for monthly subscriptions and AI credits via Stripe, with an AI credits system out of the box. 💳
8️⃣ One-Click Deployment: Publish and launch your app to the world with just one click, releasing your brand new product to your customers, colleagues, or clients. 🚀

Use Cases:

  1. A startup can use Licode to build a custom CRM system powered by AI, streamlining their sales and customer management processes.

  2. A business can create a chat app with AI-driven conversational capabilities, enhancing customer support and engagement.

  3. An entrepreneur can develop a SaaS platform with AI-powered analytics, providing valuable insights to customers.

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