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Stunning professional edited clips to publish on your socials. Done-for-you video editing from your existing video/podcast content. Easy to scale.0
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What is Lychee?

Lychee is an AI-powered tool that helps businesses grow their brand on social media by providing professionally edited podcast clips. Unlike other AI tools, Lychee combines AI automation with human editing to ensure high-quality results. The tool is affordable and easy to scale, making it accessible to marketing teams of all sizes. With Lychee, users can save time and money while creating engaging videos that resonate with their audience.

Key Features:

1. Premium Videoclip Styles: Lychee offers a wide selection of exclusive video editing styles to choose from, allowing users to personalize the look and feel of their clips to match their brand.

2. Key Moments Detection: The AI technology used by Lychee is trained to identify key moments in podcasts that are likely to captivate the audience and go viral. This feature helps users create clips that are highly engaging and shareable.

3. Multiple Aspect Ratios: Lychee allows users to choose between vertical (9:16) and square (1:1) formats for their video clips. This flexibility ensures that the clips are optimized for different social media platforms.

Use Cases:

- Marketing Teams: Lychee is trusted by leading marketing teams to streamline their content promotion. The tool's AI-augmented, human-crafted approach ensures high-quality clips that can generate over 100k views. With Lychee, marketing teams can easily scale their video output without compromising on quality.

- Podcasters: Lychee is a game-changer for podcasters who want to expand their reach on social media. By converting podcast sessions into platform-ready videos, Lychee helps podcasters create tailored marketing content quickly and efficiently. The tool's personalized on-brand clips and fast turnaround time make it a valuable asset for podcasters.

- Content Creators: Lychee simplifies the process of dealing with multiple video formats. By offloading the task of creating tailored videos for different platforms, content creators can save time and effort. The blend of speed and quality offered by Lychee is transformative for marketing efforts.

Lychee is the go-to tool for businesses looking to grow their brand on social media through engaging video content. By combining AI automation with human editing, Lychee ensures high-quality results that resonate with the audience. With its affordable pricing and easy scalability, Lychee is a cost-effective solution for marketing teams of all sizes. Whether you're a marketer, podcaster, or content creator, Lychee can help you create compelling videos that take your social media presence to the next level.

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