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What is MetaGPT?

Multi-agent framework MetaGPT open source:

Enter a one-sentence requirement and it can run a software company and output product documentation/design documentation/tasks/code REPO

It can design a recommending system and a large model training framework

Internally, it abstracts a number of different roles, including product manager, architecture, project manager, engineer, QA, and more.

Existing frameworks such as gpt-engineer have only a single engineer abstraction; while MetaGPT provides a complete abstraction of software companies, each role has clearer skills, market surveys, competitor analysis, architecture design and other links that were difficult for engineers to complete before, Now it can be implemented and has good results.

For example, when you need to design a recommending system similar to Toutiao, it can give us a more reliable design in about a minute, and this only costs 1 yuan. It takes a long time to use people to complete this process, the cost is high, and the ROI may be thousands of times.

When we look inside, we will find that inhouse implementation is actually a complete software company. Multiple agents in the software company cooperate to complete a relatively sophisticated software problem

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