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Modelia specializes in AI-driven image generation, reducing the cost, time, and expertise needed to create personalized, diverse, context-rich, high-quality images for e-commerce and other sectors.0
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What is Modelia?

In a digital era where visuals are paramount, Modelia.AI emerges as a game-changing solution for fashion and lifestyle brands. It transforms static product images into dynamic, personalized visuals featuring models, enhancing marketing campaigns and customer engagement without the typical costs and hassles of traditional modeling. The AI-powered platform offers a suite of tools to customize model appearances, from changing gender and ethnicity to adjusting age and facial expressions, making fashion inclusivity effortless and scalable.

Key Features

  1. Transformation Wizardry: Seamlessly convert flat-lay clothing images into full models wearing the attire, and effortlessly swap one model for another to align with your brand's aesthetics.

  2. Personalization Suite: Modify model attributes such as gender, age, and ethnicity to resonate with diverse markets, and tailor facial expressions to suit the mood of your campaigns.

  3. Background Magic: Customize image backgrounds to match your marketing themes or settings, enhancing the visual appeal and integration into various platforms.

  4. Flexibility and Scale: Experience the freedom to quickly switch models, backgrounds, and styles, ensuring your content reflects the diversity of your audience at scale.

  5. Cost-Efficient Creativity: Generate diverse images for A/B testing, expand your visual content library, and reduce production costs by customizing endlessly without real models.

Use Cases

  1. E-commerce Optimization: Brands can rapidly create personalized product images for different customer segments, boosting online sales through targeted visual experiences.

  2. Marketing Campaign Agility: Advertisers can tailor campaign visuals on-the-fly, changing model demographics to suit specific markets or test creative variations swiftly.

  3. Diverse Catalog Curation: Fashion retailers can showcase their collections on models representing various ethnicities, ages, and genders, promoting inclusivity and broadening their appeal.


Modelia.AI redefines the way fashion and lifestyle brands create and personalize visual content. By harnessing the power of AI, it empowers businesses to craft impactful, inclusive, and cost-effective marketing materials. Ready to elevate your brand's visual game? Start your free trial today and explore the endless possibilities of model customization.


  1. What types of images can Modelia.AI convert?

    • Modelia.AI can transform flat lay clothing images, ghost mannequin shots, and model images, enabling you to create a comprehensive and diverse catalog of fashion visuals.

  2. Can I change the ethnicity of the models?

    • Yes, you can customize the ethnicity of your models to better resonate with your target audience, ensuring your visuals reflect a wide range of demographics.

  3. Is Modelia.AI suitable for large-scale operations?

    • Absolutely, with scalable plans including the Enterprise package designed for large-scale operations, offering unlimited access, premium support, and batch processing capabilities.

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