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Hi welcome to Motiff! Born with AI, Motiff offers designers a new way to collaborate with AI. Now providing an AI Toolbox, AI Design Systems features, and Motiff Lab. Achieve 10x efficiency, ensure consistency in your design. Experience the future with Motiff!0
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What is Motiff AI?

Motiff emerges as a pioneering AI-powered UI design tool, transforming the design landscape by merging human creativity with advanced artificial intelligence. With Motiff, designers can enjoy unparalleled efficiency, with up to 10x productivity gains, while maintaining the essence of creative freedom. The platform integrates seamlessly with AI technology, enabling tasks like fast duplication, smart replacement, and the creation of fully editable UI designs through simple prompts.

Key Features:

  1. AI Toolbox:Boost efficiency by 10x with AI-enhanced design capabilities including smart duplication, replacement, and layout design.

  2. AI Design Systems:Facilitate the intelligent practice of creating and maintaining design systems, ensuring consistency across projects.

  3. AI Consistency Checker:Ensures adherence to design guidelines by cross-checking design files against established standards.

  4. Cloud Collaboration:Enhance teamwork and creativity with a comprehensive cloud-based collaboration feature.

  5. Dev Mode:Streamline the transition from design to development with dedicated tools for developers.

Use Cases:

  1. A UI designer uses Motiff's AI layout to quickly prototype a new interface for a music app, offering a personalized morning music experience.

  2. A design team leverages AI Design Systems to maintain uniformity and streamline the design process across multiple projects.

  3. A freelance designer takes advantage of the AI Magic Box to find the perfect component match, saving time on custom design elements.


Motiff ushers in the future of UI design, blending human creativity with AI efficiency. By automating mundane tasks and enhancing creativity, designers can focus on more meaningful work, pushing the boundaries of design and innovation. Join the Motiff community today and embark on your AI adventure.


  1. What is unique about Motiff's approach to UI design?
    Motiff integrates AI technology into the design process, automating repetitive tasks, and enhancing efficiency and creativity.

  2. Can Motiff be used for collaborative projects?
    Yes, Motiff includes Cloud Collaboration features that enable teams to work together seamlessly on design projects.

  3. What is included in Motiff's Dev Mode?
    Dev Mode is dedicated to developers, providing tools to effortlessly translate designs into code, streamlining the development process.

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