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Discover Mr. Cook, the innovative AI-powered recipe generator and management app. Organize, share, and create personalized recipes effortlessly with advanced AI capabilities. Simplify your culinary experience with an accessible tool for meal planning and cooking.0
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What is Mr. Cook?

Mr. Cook is an innovative AI-powered recipe generator and management app designed to simplify your culinary experience. It allows users to organize, share, and create recipes with ease, leveraging advanced AI capabilities for personalized recipe creation. The app is user-friendly and accessible on both mobile and desktop platforms, making it a convenient tool for meal planning and cooking.

Key Features:

  1. Advanced AI Recipe Generator: Utilize the AI feature to craft recipes based on available ingredients or specific ideas, providing a creative and efficient solution for meal planning.

  2. Automatic Recipe Imports: Seamlessly import recipes from over 285 websites, streamlining the process of recipe collection and organization.

  3. Shopping List and Ingredients Calculator: Automatically generate shopping lists and adjust recipe measurements for different serving sizes, enhancing the ease of meal preparation.

Use Cases:

  1. Creating a unique dish from leftover ingredients in your fridge, minimizing food waste.

  2. Quickly importing and organizing favorite recipes from various online sources into one accessible location.

  3. Effortlessly scaling recipes for different numbers of servings and generating shopping lists for upcoming meals.


Mr. Cook stands out as a versatile and practical tool for both cooking enthusiasts and everyday meal planners. Its AI-powered recipe generation, efficient recipe import capability, and handy shopping list and ingredients calculator make it an essential app for organizing and enhancing your culinary experience. Whether you're cooking for one or planning a large gathering, Mr. Cook simplifies the process, allowing you to focus on the joy of cooking and sharing meals with others.

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