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Transform your emails and call transcripts into actionable follow-up tasks with a single click. Let AI make sure no sales lead or opportunity falls through the cracks.0
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What is Nexto AI?

Nexto is an AI-powered tool that generates actionable tasks from emails and call transcripts, streamlining follow-up processes. With Nexto, you can effortlessly create tasks with due dates, details, and contact information, enhancing productivity and organization.

Key Features:

  1. 📧 Email to Task: Nexto analyzes email threads and instantly generates tasks with due dates, pertinent details, and contact information, simplifying task management.

  2. 📞 Call to Task: By parsing sales call transcripts, Nexto suggests actionable items and swiftly converts them into tasks, facilitating efficient follow-up and task creation.

  3. 📊 Pipeline Tracking: Nexto offers simplified account and contact tracking, providing a high-level overview of upcoming tasks and enhancing workflow management.

Use Cases:

  1. Sales Follow-Up: Sales professionals can use Nexto to convert promising leads from email conversations or call transcripts into actionable tasks, ensuring timely follow-up and improving sales efficiency.

  2. Project Management: Team members across various domains can utilize Nexto to transform email exchanges into structured tasks, fostering collaboration and enhancing project coordination.

  3. Personal Productivity: Individuals seeking to streamline their task management can leverage Nexto to automatically generate tasks from their email interactions, enhancing organization and productivity.


Nexto revolutionizes task management by harnessing AI to generate actionable tasks from emails and call transcripts swiftly. Whether optimizing sales processes, facilitating project coordination, or enhancing personal productivity, Nexto empowers users to efficiently convert communication into actionable tasks while ensuring data privacy. Experience the convenience and efficiency of Nexto for streamlined task management today.

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