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Discover Onboard AI v2.0.0, a groundbreaking tool that revolutionizes codebase interaction. Simplify debugging, code search, and comprehension in plain English.0
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What is Onboard AI?

Onboard AI v2.0.0 revolutionizes the way developers interact with complex codebases. It enables users to search, navigate, and understand intricate coding environments using plain English, significantly speeding up the process. Onboard AI simplifies tasks that once required extensive time and expertise, making it a valuable tool for both seasoned and novice programmers.

Key Features:

  1. Code Search: Utilize natural language to find the right code across 500+ programming languages and up to 100 repositories simultaneously. Onboard AI employs keyword, semantic search, and AI agents, providing precise results even for vague queries.

  2. Debugging Made Simple: Describe bugs in simple terms or paste error messages, and Onboard AI identifies the source and offers solutions. This feature is especially effective for debugging legacy code, turning complex error messages into straightforward fixes.

  3. Codebase Understanding: Onboard AI helps users comprehend any codebase effortlessly, accelerating the onboarding of new developers. It enables quick understanding of external libraries, open-source projects, and complex code changes.

Use Cases:

  1. A Field Engineer, like Helmut Lord from Nordic Semiconductor, discovers esoteric hardware configurations in record time using Onboard AI.

  2. Senior Engineer Sebastian Gallese of Included Health efficiently interprets and works with GitHub repositories for $20, receiving intelligent responses in plain English.

  3. Pangle from Discord finds dismantling and understanding an open-source repository simplified, turning a challenging task into an easy one.


Onboard AI v2.0.0 stands out as a transformative tool for developers facing the challenges of rapidly evolving and expanding codebases. By enabling users to interact with their codebases as they would with a senior engineer, it removes the hurdles of complex documentation and the need for expert intervention. Whether it's speeding up the onboarding process, simplifying debugging, or providing an intuitive way to navigate vast code repositories, Onboard AI offers a comprehensive solution that caters to the needs of today's dynamic software development landscape. With its user-friendly approach and advanced AI capabilities, Onboard AI is an essential asset for any developer seeking to enhance productivity and understanding in the digital age.

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