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What is OpenAI Translator?

OpenAI Translator is a multi-platform desktop app that offers translation, polishing, and summarization capabilities across 55 different languages. It supports streaming mode, text-to-speech, screenshot translation, and the generation of memory aids based on vocabulary books. The tool is available for both browsers and desktops on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Key Features:

1. Three modes: translation, polishing, and summarization.

2. Mutual translation, polishing, and summarization across 55 different languages.

3. Streaming mode is supported.

4. Customizable translation text.

5. One-click copying.

6. Text-to-Speech (TTS).

7. Available on all platforms (Windows, macOS, and Linux) for both browsers and desktops.

8. Support for screenshot translation.

9. Support for vocabulary books and generating memory aids based on the words in the vocabulary books.

10. Supports both OpenAI and Azure OpenAI Service at the same time.

OpenAI Translator is a powerful translation tool that offers a range of features to enhance global word translation, polishing, and summarization. With its availability on multiple platforms and support for multiple languages, it is a valuable tool for international businesses, travelers, and language learners alike.

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