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Osfin AI is an all-in-one finance and accounting automation platform. Streamline your financial processes, from reconciliation to payouts and more.0
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What is Osfin AI?

Osfin, a powerful reconciliation software designed for finance teams, empowers businesses to achieve complete transparency over cashflows and significantly reduce the time and effort spent on financial operations (FinOps) activities. It's a revolutionary solution that ensures efficient and seamless financial processes, enabling companies to focus on their core business objectives.

Key Features:

  1. 💰 Complete Cashflow Transparency:Gain real-time visibility and control over all cashflows, ensuring accurate and timely reconciliation processes.

  2. ⏱️ Accelerated FinOps Activities:Automate and streamline FinOps tasks, reducing the time and resources required by up to 95%, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

  3. 🛡️ Robust Audit Trail:Maintain a comprehensive audit trail that provides a complete history of transactions and actions, ensuring compliance and simplifying audits.

Use Cases:

  1. Fintech Companies:Osfin enables fintech companies to achieve complete transparency over cashflows and streamline reconciliation processes, ensuring regulatory compliance and enhancing operational efficiency.

  2. E-commerce Businesses:Osfin helps e-commerce companies manage complex transactions involving incentives, cashbacks, and chargebacks, simplifying reconciliation and improving financial accuracy.

  3. Subscription Services:Osfin empowers subscription-based businesses to streamline payout processes for creators and marketing campaigns, reducing time and effort while ensuring timely and accurate payments.


Osfin is the ultimate solution for finance teams seeking to gain complete control over cashflows and optimize their FinOps activities. With its intuitive dashboards, real-time visibility, and robust audit trail, Osfin transforms financial reconciliation into a seamless and efficient process, allowing businesses to focus on their core objectives and drive growth.

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