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Generate flashcards effortlessly with Paperclips, the ultimate flashcard generator. Create flashcards from notes, websites, or PDFs, and export to Anki, Quizlet, PDF, and CSV. Say goodbye to manual creation and enhance your learning experience with Paperclips.0
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What is Paperclips?

Paperclips is the ultimate flashcard generator that empowers you to create quality flashcards from your course notes or any website effortlessly. Embark on a seamless learning journey and say goodbye to manual flashcard creation. Paperclips Copilot, Paperclips Web, and Paperclips Copilot are your trusted companions, ready to transform your notes into flashcards in a snap.

Key Features:

  1. 🚀 Automatic Flashcard Generation:Paperclips Copilot harnesses AI to instantly generate flashcards from your notes, providing a time-saving solution for students and professionals.

  2. 🌐 Cross-Platform Compatibility:Paperclips Web seamlessly integrates with your favorite platforms, allowing you to create flashcards from anywhere, whether it's your notes, a website, or even a PDF document.

  3. 📚 Versatile Export Options:Effortlessly export your flashcards to various platforms, including Anki, Quizlet, PDF, and CSV, ensuring compatibility with your preferred learning tools.

Use Cases:

  • 🎓 Students:Create flashcards from lecture notes, textbooks, or online resources, making studying more engaging and effective.

  • 💼 Professionals:Turn training materials, research papers, or industry reports into flashcards, enabling continuous learning and skill development.

  • 🌎 Language Learners:Quickly generate flashcards from online articles, language textbooks, or foreign language websites, accelerating vocabulary acquisition.


Paperclips is the ultimate flashcard generator, designed to simplify and enhance your learning experience. With its user-friendly interface, automatic flashcard creation, and seamless cross-platform compatibility, Paperclips empowers you to learn smarter and achieve your academic or professional goals faster. Say goodbye to tedious manual flashcard creation and embrace a more efficient and effective way of learning with Paperclips.

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