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Workspace with an autopilot system that automatically organizes and summarizes your browser tabs using AI.0
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What is Peek?

Peek is a revolutionary AI-powered workspace designed for macOS users, offering an innovative solution to the common problem of disorganized browser tabs. This tool automatically organizes and summarizes your tabs, enhancing productivity and focus. With its ability to extract crucial information and facilitate seamless navigation between topics, Peek transforms the way you explore and work online.

Key Features:

  1. 🌟 AI-Driven Tab Organization: Peek uses advanced AI to automatically group your browser tabs based on their content, keeping your workspace tidy and your focus sharp.

  2. 📚 Effortless Information Extraction: Say goodbye to searching through tabs for important details. Peek’s AI extracts hard-to-remember information like dates, prices, and names.

  3. 🔄 Seamless Topic Switching: Prioritize, organize, and switch between topics with ease. Reorder, combine, or nest topics to focus on one task at a time.

  4. 📝 Integrated Note-Taking: Add notes to your tab groups, ensuring your ideas and references stay together and are easily accessible.

Use Cases:

  1. Research and Study: Students and researchers can use Peek to organize tabs related to their studies, making it easier to find and reference information.

  2. Project Management: Professionals can benefit from Peek by keeping project-related tabs organized, improving task management and efficiency.

  3. Online Shopping: Consumers can use Peek to track and compare products, prices, and reviews, streamlining the online shopping experience.


Peek is more than just a tab organizer; it’s a productivity enhancer. By automating the organization of your browser tabs and extracting key information, Peek helps you stay focused and efficient. Whether you’re a student, professional, or casual internet user, Peek is your copilot in navigating the vast expanse of the internet. Don’t let disorganized tabs slow you down. Try Peek and experience a new level of productivity and focus. Explore the internet without getting lost!

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